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Kayak Storage Rack


If you’re a fan of being outdoors, there’s a good chance that you love to kayak. There’s little that can compete with being in a kayak, out on the open water, soaking in nature’s bounty. This serenity is becoming nearly impossible to find with all of the distractions that we face during our daily lives. Whether it’s computers, cell phones, or television, there’s little doubt that we all could use a bit more time outside soaking in the wonders of our great land. At Log Kayak Rack, we are all kayak lovers ourselves, and have developed a variety of boat storage racks that can help to ensure your small boats are protected when they’re not in use.

Why Purchase a Kayak Storage Rack?

Kayaks, and other small boats are big investments, so it’s key that you maintain them properly so that they’ll last for quite a long time. At Log Kayak Rack, we found a hole in the kayak storage market, and have done our best to fill this need with our high quality boat storage racks. Our racks offer incredible versatility, not seen with many of our competitors’ racks. A few of the reason why you should purchase a kayak storage rack from Log Kayak Rack include:

• Experience – With over 20 years of experience in the woodworking industry, our expert craftsmen can build boat racks that will stand up to the most extreme conditions including high wind, snow and the moisture that is present near large bodies of water.
• High Quality Materials – All our secure kayak racks are made from the highest quality northern white cedar. This wood is highly weather resistant and should last for 25 years, if not longer.
• Keep Your Boat Elevated – One key aspect of proper boat storage involves keeping your boat off the ground. While many people will simply lay their kayak on the ground, this is absolutely not the way to properly store your boat. With our small boat storage racks, your boats will be elevated off the ground to protect them from moisture, as well curious animals that may choose to make a home in your prized kayak.
• Versatile – Our boat storage racks are incredibly versatile. They can be placed outdoors close to the water, or indoors as a focal point for conversation.

Types of Kayak Storage Options

We currently offer a wide variety of racks able to handle everything from just one kayak, all the way up to 8 boats. Our storage racks also can house canoes and even stand up paddleboards. If you’d like to make your kayak rack really stand out, we can even apply a variety of finishes which include natural, or canyon brown.

Reach Out to Log Kayak Rack Today

If you’d like to learn more about our boat storage options, feel free to reach out to our team of expert craftsmen by phone today at 715-543-2006, or via email at