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Kayak Storage


Where do you feel the most relaxed, the most at peace with your surroundings, and able to push away all the stress in your everyday life?  Is it on the water?  If so, you probably have accumulated lots of equipment and gear to allow you to be out onto the water every chance you get. There is no better way to spend time out on the water than in your kayak, canoe, or other small boat.  You can spend hours out in your kayak on the water, enjoying nature and finding your inner peace. But, when the time comes to bring your kayak or small boat in, you want to make sure that it is stored properly so it is safe and ready for your next adventure. Log Kayak Rack builds beautiful, durable and secure storage racks to protect your small boats while you are on shore.

Kayak Storage Options

One challenge that many owners of paddleboards, kayaks and canoes have is storage. These “small” boats are actually quite large and take up a lot of space. And, you may very well own more than one! Log Kayak Rack offers an optimal storage system for all of your small boats that will keep them dry, safe and organized when they are not out on the water.

Log Kayak Store Systems

Log Kayak Rack understands how important your kayak, canoe or other small boat is to you.  We have designed and developed a unique, heavy duty kayak and SUP storage rack that is made from northern white cedar logs. These storage racks will keep your kayak or small boat high and dry when it is not in the water and protect your boat from getting misshapen over time.  These racks are attractive enough to be a decorative piece indoors and durable enough to be left outside, depending on your preference.  They can support even heavy boats (over 100 lbs) and you can finish them to match existing furniture, fencing, etc. or keep it unfinished for a more rustic look.

Beautiful, Sturdy Storage For Kayaks, Canoes and Paddleboards

Log Kayak Rack builds their storage units from the highest quality Northern White Cedar Wood, which you can expect to last in pristine condition for more than 25 years. The look is beautiful enough to be used indoors and durable enough to be kept outside, so your possibilities are really endless for these storage units. Here are some of the other many benefits that Log Kayak Rack’s storage units offer;

  • Great way to organize multiple boats
  • Keep your boat(s) safe and lifted up off the ground (high and dry) while you are not using them in the water.
  • Help your kayaks, canoes and paddleboards maintain their shape. Storing them in this storage unit will keep the look and shape of the boat(s) fully intact.
  • Attractive looking and highly functional
  • Can support even the heaviest boats (more than 100 lbs.)
  • Can be finished to match decor on your property or left unfinished.
  • Always made in the USA

Multiple Kayak Storage Options

In addition to the many benefits mentioned above, Log Kayak Rack also makes a wide variety of different sizes of our kayak storage systems. Depending on the number of kayaks you need to store, you can purchase a storage system to accommodate 2, 4 or 6 kayaks, or even a unit that stores 4 kayaks and 4 SUP racks. The Log Kayak Rack team also has extensive experience with custom jobs and can also build a storage unit to meet your unique needs. The woodworkers at Log Kayak Rack strive to combine function with beauty so that our customers are completely satisfied with their new products. Putting these racks together when they arrive could not be more simple — and they come with detailed instructions and even a video on our website.

Protect Your Boats

So, as you think about your passion for being out on the water, don’t forget how important it is to protect your boats when you are on shore.  Order online or call the team at Log Kayak Rack at 715-543-2006 to learn more about our kayak, canoe and SUP storage racks.