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Kayak Storage


For the adventurous type, there are not many better feelings than exploring the local waters in your kayak. The peace of mind that comes with a stroll in your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP) is hard to find elsewhere. When you combine the beautiful sights of nature with the unique sounds of birds chirping, it makes you want to stay out on the water all day long. What do you do when you’ve finished your excursion on the lake, river or ocean? At Log Kayak Rack, we cringe when boat owners say that they leave their kayak, canoe or SUP on the edge of the water or that they place it on the ground in their garage. Storing your pride and joy should be a priority so that it stays protected and in great shape. That is where a partnership with our staff comes in handy. Our Log Kayak storage focuses on keeping your kayak, canoe or SUP high and dry when it is not being used.

Secure Kayak Storage

Kayaks are a big investment, so it is important that you do your part in making sure that they stick around for the long haul. Our team has more than 24 years of experience in the woodworking industry. Why does that matter? Well, our secure kayak racks are made from high quality northern white cedar. This type of wood is weather resistant and has a typical lifespan of 25 years. Keep your kayak, canoe or SUP protected in one of our storage racks. These racks help keep your boat off of the ground so that it truly dries, preventing water damage. Additionally, keeping your pride and joy off of the ground helps to ensure that unwanted bugs, spiders and even animals do not try to use your investment as their own home. These free standing racks can hold up to 100 lbs. Where you decide to store your kayak, canoe or SUP is up to you. Our storage racks can be placed outdoors by the water or closer to your home, whichever you prefer.

Kayak Storage Options

At Log Kayak Rack, we offer multiple storage racks that range from single racks all the way up to 8 racks. Additionally, your rack can come in a variety of finishes including unfinished, natural, or canyon brown. Our specialized storage racks include:

  • Kayak Storage Rack
  • Canoe Storage Rack
  • SUP Storage Rack
  • Custom Storage Rack

Make it a point this year to take care of your pride and joy. If you are in need of kayak storage or a rack for your canoe or SUP, Log Kayak Rack is the partner for you. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006, or email to learn more about secure storage racks.