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Kayak Racks for Home Storage


If you are a kayak owner, there is no doubt of your love of water and the outdoors.  It’s a passion, it’s therapeutic, it’s relaxing and it is FUN!  Storing your kayaks, on the other hand can often prove to be somewhat difficult.  Log Kayak Rack builds beautiful kayak storage systems that can be used anywhere you need or want to store your boat — inside or outside of your home, cabin, resort or lakeside property.  These durable and attractive storage racks are highly functional and handcrafted from northern white cedar logs.

Kayak Storage Systems

As the owner of one or more kayaks, you understand the need to keep them in the best shape possible when they are out of the water, so that they can give you high performance in the water.  The handmade kayak storage racks from Log Kayak Rack give you the ability to protect your kayak(s) when they are not in the water and showcase them inside or outside your home.  Log Kayak Racks makes storage systems to accommodate 2, 4 or 6 kayaks.  And if you have a special need, our team is happy to complete a custom order to meet your unique needs.  Finally, these storage racks are made in the USA and can hold even the heaviest of kayaks — accommodating more than 100 lbs.

These storage racks help you keep your boats organized, are durable and attractive enough to be kept inside or outside, keeps the look and shape of the boat intact and keeps your boats protected and high and dry.  In addition to providing a highly functional storage rack for your kayaks, these storage racks are unique and beautiful, handmade from beautiful northern white cedar logs.  You can expect for these racks to last at least 25 years and can be finished to match existing wood around your home or be left unfinished.

Beautiful Storage Option For Your Kayaks

There is no need to compromise beauty or function when it comes to a storage system for your kayaks.  Log Kayak Rack provides both in their high quality, durable storage systems at affordable prices.  If you would like more information about Log Kayak Storage Systems or would like to place an order, call (715) 543-2006 or email  Now is a great time to add a beautiful small boat storage system to your home, cabin, resort or lakeside property.