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Kayak Racks for Cabins, Resorts & Lake Front Properties


It’s that time of year again where everyone is ready to get out of the house after the winter season, and your phone is ringing off the hook as people try to book a stay at your lakefront property. Individuals are drawn to your cabin, resort & lakefront property because of the amazing scenery and recreational waterfront activities that you offer, including kayak usage. Being waterfront has its advantages, put yourself in front of the pack by offering secure kayak storage. If you are ready to protect and secure the kayaks on your lakefront property, Log Kayak Rack is the partner for you! Specializing in kayak storage systems, our team focuses on custom craftsmanship to provide security for your kayak/canoe/SUP.

Kayak Storage Racks

It is only fair that your guests get to use kayaks that are in great shape. If they spend the money to stay on your lakefront property, it is your responsibility to keep your kayaks and other waterfront activities in tip top shape. If you are concerned that investing in a kayak storage rack from Log Kayak Rack will be an eyesore, have no fear. All of our kayak racks are customizable and we make sure to take the time to focus on the fine detail of each rack that we custom build for our customers. Whether you want to use a stain to match your cabin or resort, or you would prefer an outdoor finish for your rack, our team can create the perfect spot to store your kayaks. We use northern white cedar in our storage racks, which has been rated as the best type of wood for weather resistance. These beautiful & weatherproof additions to your property will not only protect your kayaks but will also free up space around your lakefront property that can now be used in other ways.

High Quality and Customizable Kayak Racks

We understand that purchasing one of our kayak storage racks is a big investment. However, if you think about the big picture, our storage racks will help you extend the life expectancy of your kayak. Leaving your kayak/canoe/SUP on the shore can end up causing significant damage. By keeping your kayaks elevated on our high-quality storage rack, they will be safe from water or debris damage. We offer a wide range of sizes in our kayak storage racks, and if these don’t fit your needs, we can create a custom rack for your property. Our standard kayak storage racks include:

So, if you own a lakefront property and are looking to take better care of your kayaks, now is the time to give our staff at Log Kayak Rack a call. Contact us today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn more about our beautiful & weatherproof additions to your lakefront property.