Kayak Rack

Kayak Storage SystemWho’s ready for some summer fun? The lake, the beach, the river, even a pond…Wherever you are, we hope that you find some time to get out on the water! For those that are into watersports, how exactly do you handle your toys? Do you throw your kayak, canoes, and paddleboards all over the yard? Or maybe you chuck them into your garage? If you are a clean person, maybe you have a special spot in the corner where you gently lean them onto the wall? Whatever you may be doing, Log Kayak Rack has a better solution for you and your kayak!

Kayak Rack Storage

These attractive, easy to assemble racks, are so much better than plastic and metal ones you frequently see in stores. They have a very functional purpose of keeping your boats organized, safe, and attractive! Providing 2-8 slots of storage, our Log Kayak racks can provide kayak, canoe, and even paddle board storage! These functional kayak racks can provide storage, clean up the waterfront, and keep critters away from your precious water sports! A customer even came to us one day to buy a kayak rack because as she was kayaking, a mouse ran across her lap! Don’t let this happen to you! Get your kayak, canoe, and paddle boards off of the ground and let them stay high and dry with our storage systems!

Our Rack Features

Made up of Northern White Cedar wood, our easy to assemble kayak, canoe, and paddle board storage systems are beautiful. They can be left unfinished or we can finish them to match your house, gate, trim, or dock. Our kayak rack can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it the perfect design and easy to assemble place to store your boats anywhere! Offering anywhere from 2-8 slots of storage, each slot can hold up to 100+ pounds! We currently offer over 6 different designs to custom fit your storage needs and can take special orders to suit your specific requests. All Log Kayak Racks are 100% made in the USA and manufactured in Wisconsin. Our kayak rack is built to last! Once you have an aesthetically pleasing rack in your yard, your neighbors will follow suit and want one too!

So if you are looking for kayak, canoe, and paddle board storage but are tired of the cheap looking metal you see so many people using, call Log Kayak today and order a kayak rack that fits into the natural outdoor surroundings! Summer time is precious, take advantage of it while you can! Call Log Kayak Rack today at (715) 543-2006.