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Kayak Rack New York


Are you getting the most out of fall before the water freezes? Kayaks have to move south to move at all in the water during the winter cold in New York. So where is your kayak spending it’s off time? Is it somewhere it needs to be in order to stay in good condition or is it simply cast away, with little mind? The care you give your kayak, both on and off the water, will have a direct impact as to how long it will last. Log Kayak Rack has made a perfect solution for any of your small boat storage needs, they come holding 2,3,4,5,6, even 8 kayaks!  Our handcrafted log kayak racks are a solid piece of art that will proudly display your kayaks and keep them out of harm’s way.

Indoor/Outdoor Kayak Racks

Our online product variety allows you to select from many different designs and choose the exact one you want and that fits your exact needs. Built out of Northern White Cedar Logs, our Kayak Racks stand tall and strong. They’ll be a weather resistant and beautiful addition to your property… and let’s not forget they’ll protect your kayaks from the unwanted, most importantly!

  • Free Standing Kayak Racks – Bring your Free-Standing Kayak Rack to the dock in season and back to the garage once the temperatures drive you in for the winter. Place your kayak rack virtually anywhere on your property and ensure a safer kayak condition.
  • Buried Kayak Racks – Have a place in mind perfect for a kayak rack? Order our buried kayak rack and enjoy the convenience and permanence of our solid kayak rack construction and designs.
  • Wall Mounted Kayak Rack – Great for the garage, basement, cabin, two trees, or anywhere else you can find a perfect place to store your kayak by mounting our specifically designed kayak rack and kablam! Great for tight spaces and more permanent places.
  • Dock Mounted Kayak Rack – Have a dock? Why not add some small boat storage for the collection you will inevitably have – if you don’t already. You can choose from one of our standard dock mounted kayak storage solutions or contact us to create a custom design all of your own.

Storage Racks Holding 1 – 8 Kayaks

If you have invested in a kayak, it is only right to be sure you are protecting your investment so that you can live to experience it to its full potential. Don’t kick yourself for wrongly storing your kayak – it happens. Instead, do something about it! Free Log Kayak Shipping for standard mail orders to New York!