Kayak Rack Finishes

kayak-rack-eight-placeLog Kayak Rack is proud to make beautiful log racks that store all types of small boats. Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and other small boats can all be stored on our racks. Made with northern white cedar, our racks are sturdy and can hold boats up to 100lbs. With a variety of sizes and customized options, we can create anywhere from two to eight slots for your boats. We chose northern white cedar due to its durability and the ability to withstand all different types of weather and precipitation. These logs can last up to 25 years without any type of finish at all. If left unfinished, our logs turn into a beautiful hue of grey. While some may enjoy the unfinished, weathered look, choosing a finish is half the fun! Log Kayak Rack offers a variety of finishes that will only compliment your property.

The Unfinished Look

Have you ever seen a girl get out of bed with no makeup on, hair a mess, and she still looks beautiful? Welcome to the unfinished look of the Log Kayak Rack. Sometimes simple goes a long way. Even with nothing touching this type of wood, the natural weathering to grey is beautiful. What starts off looking like fresh cut wood, will gradually fade into a lighter, raw look. When purchasing, you can either leave it this way or find a stain that matches the rest of your home. Many people have begun to stain their racks according to their decks, fence line, or house, giving it the ultimate “matchy-matchy” look.

The Natural Look

It’s common to want to look natural but have some added protection, right? Again, the girl wakes up and notices a big old zit, right? Now she doesn’t cake her face with makeup but instead, she applies a touch of it just to give it that natural, yet simple look. She’s still a very beautiful girl. When you choose the natural look at Log Kayak Rack, we will apply a coat of SuperDeck Natural. This is translucent and basically brings out the natural beauty and grains of the wood. Additionally, it gives it some extra moisture and UV protection in hopes of further extending the life of your rack beyond 25 years.

Canyon Brown

Now, our girl is dressed up for a night on the town. She is dolled up from head to toe and is looking fresh. Still the same naturally beautiful girl, but with style that you just can’t beat. We call this girl the Canyon Brown. This is the perfect darkwood finish that will give your rack a distinct look. This dark finish is attractive and also adds life well over 25 years, keeping it breathable and protected from moisture and UV rays.

No matter what type of finish you choose, the logs remain the same steady, durable, and naturally beautiful racks that they’ve always been. For more information about Log Kayak Rack finishes, call us today at (715) 543-2006 or shoot us an email at sales@logkayakrack.com.