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Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage Rack


Looking to house your small boats for years to come? Most of us know that what starts out as one kayak, canoe or SUP turns into two, then three and before you know it you have a collection everyone enjoys. Though you can’t protect them when they are on the water – all the time – you can when storing your small boats. Choosing proper kayak, canoe and SUP storage will extend the performance life of your watercraft investment, prevent any accidental damages, keep pests, the elements and other unwanted factors away from your boats so they are perfectly safe while being stored.

Log Kayak Design

All of our Log Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage Racks are built to last out of Northern White Cedar logs. Our handcrafted storage rack creations are just as durable as they are beautiful. With little assembly, you too can look out the window and see a log kayak rack standing tall filled with your collection. We offer three stain options and countless options to choose from on our website. If these don’t float your boat we can work with you and craft a custom design that fits your area like a glove.

Highly Durable & Versatile Racks offer

  • Kayak Storage
  • Canoe Storage
  • SUP Storage
  • Surf Board Storage
  • Paddle Boat Storage

Indoor/Outdoor Storage Racks for Kayaks/Canoes/SUPS

Enjoy the look of a free standing storage rack at the shoreline or a buried storage rack tucked in your wooded property. We also have wall mounted storage racks perfect for indoor storage and smaller spaces. Our storage racks will continue to be a beautiful addition to your property for up to 25 years. So even as your collection grows throughout the years, your storage rack will still hold strong.

Paddle More & Worry Less with the help of our craftsmen here at Log Kayak Rack, we can take the ‘guess work’ out of caring for your kayaks/canoes/SUPs. Search through our blog and find tips for caring for your small water boats and much more. We offer a 1-Year Warranty on all of our products and free standard shipping within the US.

Shop our Online Selection of Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage Racks

Don’t leave your small boats lying on the floor to get ruined and warped, place them somewhere safe designed to protect them from harm’s way. Long Live your Kayaks, Canoes & SUPs! Shop our entire selection online or contact Log Kayak Rack directly for custom orders at (715) 543-2006.