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Kayak & Canoe Storage New York


As the days get colder and the water becomes fridged many need to think about how they are storing their kayaks, canoes and SUPs. Log Kayak Rack has durable solutions to hold your water toys while it is just too cold. Kayaking is the thing to do in New York, from Upstate New York, breathtaking city views to white water trails, this land is even perfect for flat paddle canoeing. Whatever your flavor of on water adventure our durable kayak storage racks can safely hold from 1 – 8 small boats.

Before You Store your Kayaks & Canoes

  • Wash them good
  • Tighten up any loose ends
  • Repair any damages now
  • Spray, wax and/or oil them
  • Remove any cloth or padding (if Storing Outside)

Outdoor Log Kayak & Canoe Storage

Our White Cedar Log Kayak Racks are made to last all seasons outside. Northern White Cedar is known for its resiliency, even after it is cut. You can expect our kayak racks to last a good 25 years, regardless if you choose to stain it or leave it unfinished. Just assemble, place, use and enjoy the maintenance-free convenience of our durable outdoor kayak/canoe storage racks.

Outdoor Kayak & Canoe Storage Tips:

Though our kayak racks are resilient in the elements, we can not say the exact same for your kayaks and canoes. But storing kayaks and canoes inside isn’t always an option. If you choose to store them outside all winter long and it gets pretty cold where they are, you may want to consider a roof covered kayak rack, a tarp and/or covering them individually to protect the finish, reduce element exposure and critter appearances.

Indoor Log Kayak Storage

Looking for a Log Kayak Rack that looks good enough to bring inside! Your whole collection will then be safe and sound in the comfort of you home. This will undoubtedly be the safest place for your kayaks, canoes and SUPs when the temperatures drop.

Indoor Storage Tips:

Ensure you have enough room for the storage design by measuring the space(s) you may have in mind. It is also important to consider how much traffic the area gets, it is best to store your collection in low traffic areas, to decrease any accidents. Also, it is highly recommended that canoes are stored inside but keeping ALL your small boats dry will prevent them from degrading prematurely.

And Remember: the better you store and care for your Kayak and Canoe Collection the longer they will last!