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Kayak, Canoe and SUP Protection


Purchasing a new Kayak, Canoe or SUP is a big investment. You are wise to do all that you can to protect them from being harmed by the elements. Actions such as dragging a canoe can cause significant damage and affect how well it performs on the water. Lifting and moving canoes may result in unnecessary wear and tear. Rodents and bugs can inflict their own brand of damage to your Valuable Watersports Gear. Prolonged exposure to UV Rays is one of the biggest contributors to damaging Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs. Proper Storage on a Log Kayak Rack provides wonderful protection. Models are available with a Roof for UV Protection to guard against sun damage.

Every Size Storage Racks for Canoes / Kayaks / SUPs

Beautiful Log Storage Racks are available in several different sizes and configurations. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, simply contact Log Kayak Rack to have a unit custom designed to fit your needs. Standard sizes are made for storing anywhere from 1 to 8 individual Canoes, Kayaks or Stand-up Paddle Boards (SUPs). These attractive storage racks can be used either indoors or outside near the water.

Free Standing and Wall Mounted Racks

A very versatile Log Kayak Rack from Hitch Exclusives provides a smart storage solution for protecting your personal watercraft from harm. Depending on the size, style and number of canoe or kayak you are storing, you can choose models built as a Free Standing or Wall Mounted Rack. One sided and two sided configurations are readily available and custom designed log racks can be made just for you. Keep your boat stored up away from bugs and rodents and displayed beautifully in a convenient location.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Abundant sunshine can be a kayakers dream but it is one of the toughest elements on the finish of your kayak. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very harmful for Kayaks as well as Canoes and SUPs. An innovative roofing system can be included with your purchase of a Log Kayak Rack. It can block out excessive sunlight and provide Protection from Harmful UV Rays.

Beautifully Handcrafted Storage Racks

If you love paddling a canoe or kayak on a beautiful day then keeping your boat safe and protected should be high on your priority list. Log Kayak Rack has designed beautifully handcrafted storage racks that are as practical as they are durable. Up to 8 Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs fit wonderfully where they are protected from the elements and pests. An optional roofing system can be added for Protection from Harmful UV Rays. Protect your investment and proudly display your valuable Personal Watercrafts.

Call Log Kayak Rack by Hitch Exclusives at (715) 543-2006 or Order Online!