Kayak and canoe lakeside storage options

Small Boat Storage OptionsInside the heartland of the United States, Log Kayak Rack in the state of Wisconsin, is a family owned craftier in designing and producing kayak, canoe, and paddle board rack and storage options. All of our rack and storage units are made from reliable and natural Northern White Cedar Wood, making for an unquestionably attractive storage unit for your favorite water sport tools and toys.

Most hobbies are not cheap and any enthusiast will quickly recognize the importance of proper care and storage options for their expensive hobby tools. The longevity of your canoe you bought last summer, will be out on the water for many more future summers when it is properly stored high and dry on a sturdy rack. And our storage racks can carry equipment weighing over 100 pounds! Keep your property looking organized while simultaneously allowing your equipment to last longer.

What are the leading reasons for getting our storage rack systems?

Kayaks, canoes, as well as paddle boards can be heavy for some. No more lugging boats around and off the ground on the days you need to mow the lawn or weed whack your grass when your equipment is securely stored above! Our rack and storage units come in a wide array of styles and sizes to customize what type of equipment you want to store. Our systems can be finished to correlate with the fence and gates around your home, the siding of your house, and your dock by the water. Not all our systems need to be kept outdoors either, we can customize a unit to fit inside your home, shed or garage. We use a nice finish on all our natural Northern White Cedar Wood. Need a touch up? The finish we use is easily available at most retail stores near you. Our racks are easily portable, and can be fastened on the various walls of your home or on the outside of your garage.

Customizing is another option if aesthetic beauty is important to you. With direction, we are here to accommodate your personal tastes.

Our website is one click away. There you will find a gallery of our products as well as a video showing you just how easy it is to assemble your new storage unit and/or rack. Once your payment is received, expect your new storage rack to arrive within 2 weeks of the payment process. When your package arrives, all you need then, is one hammer, one power drill, and your two hands.