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Kayak Accessories


It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? That small, narrow kayak that snuggly tucks you into its cockpit and let’s you take it on adventure after adventure…it’s a beautiful thing. The way that a kayak can glide through still water with a slight push of a double-bladed paddle is something that will make any avid kayakers heart just skip a beat. Truly, that’s all you really need to own a kayak: the kayak itself and a double-bladed paddle. But what would be the fun in that? There are so many type of kayak accessories and any outdoor store you visit will go crazy on trying to sell you things. So here’s the real scoop! We will show you some nice and important accessories for kayaks as long as you remember this: there are so many types of kayak accessories but the most important one is Log Kayak Rack’s kayak storage rack!

Accessories For The Fisherman

If you are using your kayak for fishing purposes, the accessories on your bad boy are limitless! Many avid kayak fisherman state that a rod holder, navigational system, cooler system, and a good trolling motor are a must! Anchors and stakes can help hold you in place. A cooler system or a live well will help to keep both your gear and fish caught. The mounts and holders on a kayak are plentiful and finding some based on your needs is key. Tools and knives that have hooks or can easily be attached to the kayak can be a tremendous help when you are trying to get a fish off a line. Of course, maps and books are a must depending on the area you are exploring! Accessories come and go but the base of your kayak will always stay the same!

Your Most Important Accessory

What good is all of the fancy accessories and super nice kayak if it doesn’t have a proper place to be stored? “Out back” or “on the grass” and even “in the garage” are not proper locations to store your kayak and damage is almost always inevitable. As you make these enormous investments in kayaks and all of the accessories that they can entail, don’t forget that storage should be the top priority. Log Kayak Racks have weather resistant and durable kayak/canoe racks that will keep your kayak safely stored away when it’s not in use. By lifting them off of the ground, you are preventing breakdown, mold, and mildew from occurring. Not only does it look nice both indoors and outdoors, its functional use is unlike any other storage rack system on the market. Log Kayak Rack can customize your weather resistant and durable kayak/canoe racks to fit your needs and lifestyle so that you are getting exactly what you want – including making room for all of your accessories.

As you enjoy your kayak and search endlessly for the perfect accessories, don’t forget the most important one of all: the kayak storage rack that’s going to keep all of these items safe! For more information on our weather resistant and durable kayak/canoe racks, visit us at or call us today at 1(715)543-2006.