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How to Weatherproof Your Kayak Storage Rack


Exposure to different types of weather can damage your kayaks and other watercraft. If you are using a log kayak rack to store them, you are already preventing significant damage to your boats. But what about protecting the rack itself?

Weather Protection for Your Log Kayak Rack

Our log kayak racks are constructed from Northern White Cedar, which is resistant to damage caused by weather, wear, and insects. However, even such a durable wood can benefit from some routine care and maintenance.

It is a good idea to inspect your log kayak rack to look for changes in the wood, but know that natural cedar undergoes a process called “checking.” As the wood dries out, cracks appear in the surface. This does not affect the integrity of the wood, but if you want to prevent checking, a stain will do the trick.

There are a variety of wood stains you can use to protect your log kayak rack from the elements. An oil-based wood stain will act as a water repellant and a UV protectant.

A stain will extend the longevity of your log kayak rack by sealing your cedar from excess moisture. It is recommended to replenish the stain every two years.

You can choose to forgo a stain, but untreated cedar can become discolored if left in damp or shaded areas for a significant amount of time. This discoloration is not permanent; even years of exposure can be removed with a solution of bleach, laundry detergent andwater.

A Durable Storage Solution

Through wet and dry conditions, the cedar in your log kayak rack will never shrink or warp and will look beautifully rustic on your shoreline or in your garage. Your storage rack will last through even the toughest weather, and you can feel confident that your kayaks and other watercraft will be safe for seasons to come.

Want to Learn More About Log Kayak Rack Storage?

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