How to Use a Kayak Rack for Multipurpose Storage

As an avid outdoorsman, you might spend as much time outdoors as possible, taking in every sport and activity you can manage. You also might realize that in the off-season, when it’s time to store your gear, you have too many watercraft for your typical storage solution to handle.

The log kayak rack storage system offers much more than kayak storage. In fact, these storage systems are built to accommodate, the perfect multi-purpose solution for your home, cabin or mountain resort.

Why Use a Storage System for Your Gear?

When kayak and boating season rolls around again, you don’t want to find your favorite kayak with a crack in the fiberglass. You also don’t want to find your small fishing boat warped from the heat and improper storage. It’s important to use a storage system built for this gear to reduce wear and tear and decrease the livelihood of damage.

Kayaks, when stored on their hull, will start to deform due to weight, causing the kayak to not work properly when in the water. Other gear such as paddleboards can also suffer damage to their shape, rendering them useless for proper boarding. A storage system holds your watercraft and gear properly throughout the year, reducing weight bearing which leads to unnecessary warping.

Log Kayak Racks for All Your Watercraft Needs

Our log kayak racks are built tough, perfect for various uses beyond kayaks including:

  • Stand-up paddleboards
  • Small john boats and fishing boats
  • Canoes

We offer many different size options and configurations including two, four, six and eight place kayak and canoe racks, two place double-sided kayak and canoe racks and two place mountable racks to fit your every need. Each rack is built using strong Northern White Cedar and completely handcrafted for quality. Each rack is weather resistant and lasts for years to come.

Want to Learn More About Watercraft Rack Storage?

We have a storage solution that is a perfect fit for your watercraft and gear. To learn more about our products or to order, reach out to us by calling 715-543-2006 or contact us online today.