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How to Protect Kayaks From the Sun


Whether you have a little house on the beach or a cabin in the mountains, the sun will continue to shine on your gear. Just like we should protect our skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, we should also protect our kayaks, surfboards and other outdoor gear.

The sun’s UV rays can damage almost any surface after prolonged periods of exposure. It’s best to take the necessary precautions to ensure your watercraft is ready for adventure at any time.

3 Ways to Protect Your Kayak From the Sun

It’s important to understand that your kayak is made out of plastic that can quickly age due to sun exposure. However, with a little prevention, you can keep your kayak protected for years to come.

1.    Store Your Kayak Out of the Sun

The number one way to protect your kayak is to keep it out of direct sunlight when storing. During regular use, overexposure isn’t a concern. However, if you store your kayak in full sun, overexposure is likely. Place your kayak upside down and off the ground for optimum protection.

2.    Invest in Kayak Protectant

Kayak protectant is a spray that you apply to your kayak, just like sunscreen. It deflects the sun’s rays, protecting the brittle plastic underneath. It’s easy to apply and relatively inexpensive, perfect for use on all of your watercraft.

3.    Consider Purchasing a Kayak Cover

A kayak cover is a great way to deflect the sun’s damage while also keeping the inside of your kayak clean and dry. You can purchase a full kayak cover for the entire body as well as a cockpit cover to protect the inside.

Choose a Kayak Storage Rack for Ultimate Protection

No sun protection regimen is complete without the proper storage for your gear. A log kayak rack is a great way to store your kayaks, small boats, longboards and more safely and securely. They make it easy to store your watercraft off the ground, away from sources of potential wear and tear. Plus, they help organize your home, lodge or cabin.

Want to Learn More About Protecting Your Gear?

Your kayak is a source of fun and enjoyment throughout the year. Protect your kayak by storing it out of the sun, considering kayak protectant and investing in a quality cover. For ultimate protection, order a custom kayak rack to fit your storage needs. To learn more about protecting your gear, send us a message!