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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack


Have you decided to invest in an outdoor kayak storage rack? If so, there are many options available to fit your every need. Should you purchase a ready-made kayak rack or a custom? How many kayak slots will you need for your collection? These questions and more should be considered prior to ordering your new kayak storage solution.

What to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack

Your outdoor kayak storage rack should be built with you in mind. With all the options available, you will want to choose the right configuration, style and design.

Here are key questions to consider before making your purchase.

  • How many kayak slots will you need? Our outdoor kayak storage racks are made to fit two kayaks up to eight watercrafts of your choice. Consider how many slots you’ll need for the number of kayaks you already own and will own in the future.
  • What type of watercraft will you store? Do you own a stand-up paddleboard? What about a small john boat? We offer storage racks to fit them all. Consider what other types of vessels you will want to store on your rack with your kayak.
  • Will you choose a wall mount or free-standing rack? Are you storing kayaks alone? You can choose between a special wall mount design or a free-standing rack. Our wall mount designs are perfect for mounting to trees as well as walls.
  • Roof or no roof? Do your kayaks need more shade than your property offers? You can choose to have your kayak rack built with a roof for added sun and weather protection.
  • Buried or free-standing? We offer kayak racks designed to be buried for added security and heavier weights. Or, you can choose a free-standing kayak that can be moved as needed.
  • What type of finish will you choose? Our outdoor kayak storage racks come unfinished, finished with one coat of natural stain or one coat of canyon brown. If you enjoy simplicity, the unfinished may be the best choice for you. For the distinct look of dark wood, canyon brown is a must.

Go Custom to Achieve the Best Fit

Sometimes pre-made kayak racks just don’t offer exactly what you need. Here are Log Kayak Rack, we offer custom-made solutions tailored to fit.

Our custom racks are built to fit kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, rafts, small boats, surfboards and more. All our configurations are customizable and our various finish options make it easy to match the look of your home or getaway.

Let Us Help You

Want help in choosing the perfect outdoor kayak storage rack for you? We’re here to help! Reach out today to discuss our current selection or let us build a custom kayak rack just for you. Call us at 715-543-2006, or send us a message online to get started!