How to Care for your Kayak

How to Properly Care for KayakNow that you’ve got your shiny new kayak, you probably are wondering how to properly care for it. Sure it’s quite sturdy, but what you may not realize is that proper care for your kayak is important when it comes to prolonging the life of your new water toy. Use the steps below to ensure you’re keeping your kayak in top-top shape before and after each use.

Kayaks Need Sunscreen Too

What?!? Yes, you heard us correctly – kayaks need sunscreen. If you’re storing your kayaks outdoors it’s important to apply a UV protectant several times to year to help minimize damage from UV rays. Experts suggest that you apply this coating at least 4 times each year.

Cover the Cockpit Area of Your Kayaks

No one wants to take their kayak out for a spin and find out a large number of spiders or other pests have made their new home inside your boat. By using cockpit covers you can protect your kayaks from these frightening encounters out on the open water.

Proper Kayak Storage

One of the most important aspects of proper kayak care has to do with storage. Many people think that they can simply throw their kayaks in their garage and forget about them until the next use. This is absolutely untrue. In fact, plastic kayaks in particular can develop flat spots, which are referred to in the industry as “oil canning” if not properly stored. Kayaks that develop this flat spot are much less effective out on the water. The best way to properly store your kayaks is to purchase a storage system built specifically for kayaks. At Log Kayak Rack we’ve developed a variety of storage racks that will keep your kayak(s) protected and ensure you’re never dealing with issues like “oil canning”. We offer a large number of models, a few of which are outlined below:

  • 2 Place Mounted or Free Standing Kayak Rack – We offer three different types of dual kayak racks. These racks are great for the novice kayaker just getting into the sport and offer storage for up to 2 kayaks.
  • 4 Place Kayak Rack – This model will hold up to four boats – two on each side. This unit is completely freestanding and keeps your boats off the ground and always protected.
  • 6 Place Kayak Rack – This hand crafted kayak rack features space for up to 6 kayaks.
  • 8 Place Kayak Rack – If you’re a resort owner or kayak aficionado we also offer our largest rack, which is a completely custom 8 place kayak rack.

Contact Log Kayak Rack to Learn More About Proper Kayak Care

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