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Canoe Selection & Care Tips


At Log Kayak Rack, we’re in love with our boats, canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Because of this we’re always working to properly care for our boats so that we can continue to enjoy time out on the water. From choosing the right canoe, planning your outings, proper care in and out of the water and storage, there are a variety of things that you can do to properly care for your canoe. We’ve highlighted a few of these tips for our fellow boat lovers.

Think About the Type of Canoe You Need

There are a whole host of canoe sizes and options so it’s important to know your canoe’s limits before entering the water. Canoes are not meant for white water rafting adventures, so be sure to avoid testing the limits of your canoe, which could end badly.

Canoes can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, Kevlar, cedar strips and other materials.

Plan Your Canoeing Adventure Accordingly

When using your canoe, it’s important to plan for whatever adventure you’re embarking upon. Keep the following things in mind when planning for your next canoe trip:

  • Don’t make the mistake of overloading your boat.
  • Be sure to balance the load
  • Don’t drag your loaded boat into or out of the water
  • Avoid rocks and other sharp objects
  • Make sure to clean your canoe after using it
  • Be careful when transporting or portaging your canoe
  • Store your canoe properly when not in use

Proper Canoe Storage

Proper canoe storage is extremely important to extend the life of your boat. Many people think that canoes can just be thrown on the ground anywhere, but this can actually cause damage to your boat. A few things to keep in mind when storing your canoe:

  • Keep your canoe off the ground
  • Keep your canoe dry when storing
  • Always store your canoe upside down
  • Protect your canoe from extreme weather and possibly even use a cover when storing your canoe for extended periods of time. Whatever cover you use, it should allow for air circulation to prevent mold and other issues from occurring.

Log Kayak Rack Has the Perfect Canoe Storage Rack

At Log Kayak Rack we offer a variety of different canoe storage racks to meet your needs. Whether you need to store one canoe or multiple, we offer a wide range of extremely versatile yet heavy duty canoe racks. For more information on our storage racks give us a call today at 715-543-2006.