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How Do I Preserve the Life of My Kayak Rack?


Kayaks and other watercraft need proper care to ensure they last through every adventure. And just like your kayaks and other outdoor gear, maintaining your log kayak rack is critical for its performance and longevity of life. Although our storage racks are built tough out of the highest quality materials, a little TLC now and again will preserve your kayak rack for years to come.

Kayak Rack Care and Maintenance

Your wooden kayak rack requires the same care and maintenance thatany other solid wood piece needs. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of your kayak rack’s lifespan.

  • Inspect your rack often: Weather and UV rays can slowly inflict wear and tear on your kayak rack’s wood surface. Inspect your rack for cracks and wear often, perhaps opting to finish and stain your rack.
  • Keep your rack on a solid surface: Over the years, the surface on which your storage rack stands may begin to buckle or shift. You can move your kayak rack annually to ensure it stays level, placing no unnecessary stress on the wood. Or, place a concrete pad beneath your rack to anchor it to the ground for years to come.
  • Prevent insect infestations: Outdoors, it’s easy for bugs and other wildlife to call any kind of wood home. Periodically check for insects around or in the crevices of your kayak rack. If you spot any activity, use a spray to rid your rack of the pests.

Remember to store your watercraft properly, not to place too much weight on the arms of your rack. It’s also best to make sure each watercraft is positioned correctly on the arms to avoid shifting and falling.

Proper Staining for Protection

To protect your kayak rack from UV rays and weather, you have the option to stain and finish your rack with a stain of your choosing. Your specific product will come with staining instructions for you to follow.

Choose a breathable finish and allow the wood to age a bit prior to finishing, allowing the stain to soak in properly. If you choose to leave your rack unfinished, it will weather to a gray color and still last for many years to come.

Have Questions About Your Kayak Rack?

Have you purchased a kayak rack and have questions about maintenance and care? Or, are you looking to order one of your own? Reach out to Log Kayak Rack today by calling 715-543-2006 or contact us online today.