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Health Benefits of Kayaking


Kayaking allows you to experience the beauty of the world from the water. Did you know that it also provides incredible health benefits? Kayaking not only helps you explore but also keeps you healthy and thriving by getting you outside and moving.

Learn more about both the physical and mental health benefits of kayaking and feel motivated to kayak even more. Do you own a kayak and are looking for custom kayak storage solutions? Properly storing your kayak helps reduce maintenance costs and improves your kayak’s longevity.

Kayaking and Physical Health

Kayaking is a great physical activity that can help you maintain a healthy heart and weight while toning and strengthening your muscles.

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise – Kayaking is a low-impact activity that’s great for all ages and physical abilities to take part in and reap the benefits. Kayaking is easy on the joints, and it’s easy to take frequent breaks and just float along if necessary.

Burns Calories – You can burn up to 400 calories an hour kayaking! The number of calories burned depends on the wind conditions and difficulty level.

Strengthens Your Core – You use your core with every stroke while you’re kayaking. Every time you turn or direct your kayak, you are working your core and strengthening it.

Upper Body Workout – Your entire upper body is engaged while you kayak. Your arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest all work together to help you glide along the water giving you a great full upper body workout.

Leg Toning – You may not think your legs are getting a workout inside your kayak, but they are! Your legs and lower body muscles tone from helping maneuver your kayak through the water.

Kayaking and Mental Health

Spending time outdoors and kayaking leads to improve mental health and wellness.

Vitamin D – Going for an hour-long kayak trip means an hour spent in the sun! Vitamin D provides a burst of serotonin and endorphins to help you feel happier.

Meditation – Many kayakers enjoy the peaceful experience of quietly gliding across the water and feeling a meditative state. During this kayak trance, your mind can unwind and relax.

Social – Enjoy kayaking with a buddy? This social interaction is great for your wellbeing. You enjoy exercises while connecting with another person.

Reduce Stress – By increasing your exercise, soaking in vitamin D, and mediation, you reduce your stress. A pleasant kayak paddle around the lake may be all you need to unwind after a long day.

Kayaking for a Healthier You

One of the best parts of kayaking is that it’s great for all ages and abilities. When you own a kayak, you need your kayak equipment to last a very long time with little maintenance.

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