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Galveston Kayak Storage


If you’re looking for a durable Galveston, TX kayak storage rack to rest your boats when you’ve spent enough time on the water for the day, you’ll find exactly what you need with Log Kayak Rack. Our kayak racks are perfect whether you’re looking for a boat rack with added convenience, durability, aesthetic appeal, ease of use, and even security, and we have a number of options available for different sized racks. If you’re an avid boater with multiple kayaks or other small boats or boards, if you’re running a kayak rental business, or if you need kayak storage space for the whole family, at Log Kayak Rack, we make kayak racks suitable for a wide range of sizes and numbers of kayaks to ensure that we can provide a convenient kayak rack to all of our customers, whatever their needs.

Gulf Coast Kayak Racks

If you’re cruising down the Galveston Channel or meandering through the Oxen Bayou, you’ll want to know that, when you get home, you have somewhere to hang your boat. At Log Kayak Rack, we want to make boat storage easier so that when you’re done kayaking for the day, you don’t feel like it’s a chore just to put your kayak away again. Especially if you’re someone who boats ever day or a few times per week, you likely get tired of carrying your kayak to shore, hosing down your kayak, hoisting it up into whatever storage system you have, and beginning the process all over again the next day. Instead of going through the work of moving your kayak over and over before actually putting it away for the day, why not invest in a kayak storage rack that you can use to hose off and store your kayaks? With our free standing kayak racks, you can do just that, making kayak storage more convenient so that you don’t have to spend your day out on Sweetwater Lake thinking about how long it will take you to put your boat away.

Benefits of Kayak Racks from Log Kayak Rack

Our kayak racks are the perfect boat rack for almost any kayaker, particularly because we make a variety of rack styles and sizes, including wall-mounted and free standing kayak racks. Our kayak racks come in sizes ranging from 2- to 8-boat storage racks, with different design options available. Each of our kayak racks is made from durable wood, making for an aesthetically pleasing kayak rack that can blend in with your dock, home, or the nature around you. We can even finish our wood kayak racks to match your dock, fence, home, or other accents on your property! If you’re looking for a durable kayak rack that will help you enjoy your days in the Syndor Bayou without dreading the trip home, contact Log Kayak Rack today. Give us a call at (715) 543-2006, or email to learn more before ordering your own kayak rack for your Galveston, Texas property.