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Featured in Cabin Life 2015


Many log cabins are located on lakes and rivers with guests enjoying not only the water view but also using the water for recreation. When it comes to water recreation, kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards (SUPs) are great options. Cabin Life is a magazine that features log cabin living at its finest and features not only beautifully decorated cabins but also recreational activities that are popular with cabin living. Log Kayak Rack is proud to be featured in the June 2015 issue of Cabin Life as being “the most attractive option for boat storage”.

Handcrafted Log Storage Racks

If you are a fan of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs, you know that storage is key to keeping your boats in the best condition possible. Day to day storage is important, and although you likely hate when the warm weather ends, putting a temporary end to the use of your boat, seasonal storage is also incredibly important to maintaining your water craft. Cabin Life put it well by saying that Log Kayak Rack offers storage racks that are “both practical and beautiful”.

Our storage systems are made from northern white cedar logs and are naturally weather resistant. In fact, they will stand the test of time and weather even if left untreated. When choosing a storage unit for your kayaks, canoes, and SUPs, choosing Log Kayak Rack is supporting a family owned company with products made right here in the USA. As Cabin Life says, Log Kayak Rack “offers several styles ranging from single-boat racks to one that accommodates eight crafts”. As far as our designs go, we offer:

  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 place kayak/canoe rack
  • 2 place double sided kayak/canoe rack
  • 2 place mountable kayak/canoe rack
  • Custom kayak/canoe rack

Practical and Beautiful Storage Systems

Purchasing one of our storage systems means you will be buying something that is not only built from beautiful wood, but is also incredibly useful for storing your boats. The practicality comes in the fact that our systems are moveable. During the summer months, you can leave the system in an area with easy access to the water. The Log Kayak Rack storage system is durable enough to stay outside, but once the weather turns cold and you want to keep you boats out of the elements, the storage system can easily be moved indoors. On the flip side, if you do not have a need to move the storage system, it can be permanently affixed where you want it.

Log Kayak Rack is the company to go to for your kayak, canoe, and SUP storage systems, as seen in Cabin Life. Visit our website at or call us at (715) 543-2006 to place an order.