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FAQ’s of our Log Kayak Racks


Are you a water sports enthusiast? Have you been looking for an American-made log rack to store your precious boat collection? At Log Kayak Rack, we create attractive and durable storage systems for your kayak, canoe, and paddle boards. A quick search of our website, will reveal many desirable styles of white cedar wood racks, either standard or custom-made, to protect and efficiently organize your priceless collection, both indoors and out.

What are the benefits of using a Log Kayak Rack?

Our Log Kayak Racks are made of durable northern white cedar wood that will last as long as 25 years and is rated best for weather resistance. If you wish to preserve the life of your rack, you can order it with a finish, which is considered an upgrade, or you can finish it yourself. However, it is best to let the wood age before finishing it. Alternatively, our racks can also remain unfinished and they will still last many years.

Our standard Log Kayak Racks are strong enough to hold 2-person kayaks and single kayaks. The standard racks can also accommodate the 38 inch wide and 14 foot long equipment that you have. However, if you are concerned that this may inhibit the ease of usage, we can lengthen the rack or the cross members. Customization can be done on just about every part of our rack: length, width, height, length of arms, and number of boats. Additionally, our standard racks can offer your boats security as they can be bolted to any wood surface with wood screws. And, our custom models can either be secured to your dock or into the cement or the ground.

You may have noticed small cracks in the exterior of the wood of the logs. There is no need to be concerned. These natural cracks will not compromise the structure or the sturdiness of the rack. The small cracks will never extend beyond the middle of the log.

Ready to order your Kayak Rack?

If you would prefer an alternative to using our online shopping cart, you may call us directly at (715) 543-2006 or reach us by mail at Hitch Exclusives 660 US Highway 51 Manitowish, WI 54545. You will receive your unassembled kayak rack in a box via UPS ground. Once you receive your rack, after just 30-60 minutes of your time, your Log Kayak Rack assembly will be complete!