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Extend the Life of Your Canoe | Canoe Storage


When you first buy a new car, you want to keep it nice. You change the oil when you need to, you keep it covered in the garage, you get it washed every week. You do everything you can to keep it looking brand new. Unfortunately, over time that brand new car eventually becomes that old, dirty car. Why does that happen? Why don’t we take better care of the things we cherish? Proper storage, just like storing your car in your garage or carport, is an important part of keeping any item you have safe. Likewise, when you get that brand new canoe, it’s important to keep it out of harm’s way. Extend the life of your canoe by giving it proper storage with Log Kayak Rack!

Importance of Proper Storage | Canoe Racks

While we haven’t quite grown large enough to offer “log car storage,” we’ve done a pretty good job at perfecting our canoe racks! Proper storage of your preferred water transportation makes all the difference in the integrity of your canoe. Leaving a canoe on the ground can create a long-term disaster for the life of your canoe. Whether you are leaving it on ground right next to the water, or dragging it across the yard and into the garage, it’s just not right for your canoe! Log Kayak Rack is the perfect storage solution for your canoe.

Log Kayak Rack Canoe Storage Systems

Whether you own one or eight canoes, Log Kayak Rack has you covered. Our two canoe stand can be mounted, one sided or stacked for whatever your storage needs are. Log Kayak Rack is made for both indoor and outdoor use. If you own multiple canoes, perhaps if you run a camp or live by the lake, our eight place canoe storage rack is the perfect place to store canoes right by the water, This free standing canoe storage system is specifically designed to make it easier for guests to take out a canoe, as well as put it back with ease. Ultimately, it’s best feature is its ability to extend the life of your canoe! If you are looking for something more specific in mind, Log Kayak Rack also offers customizable options! If we don’t have exactly what you need, we can build your exact design so that your storage needs are always met.

For more information on extending the life of your canoe with Log Kayak Rack storage systems, please give us a call at 1(715) 543-2006.