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Dock small boat storage


If you own a dock, people are already envious of you! There’s is nothing better than going down to your dock, looking out at the water, grabbing your boat, and heading out! Docks are so convenient and the perfect way to get yourself safely out on the water. At Log Kayak Rack, we want to add some functionality to your already great dock. Adding one of our small boat storage racks would not only greatly increase the envy of your neighbors and guests, it would tremendously increase the functionality of your dock.

The Ease of Storage

Owning a dock is great, but if you can’t store anything on it, you’re still going to have to carry everything else up and down the yard or to your car. Let Log Kayak Rack help you out. We conveniently make small boat storage racks that are specifically designed to go onto a dock. This means no more dragging your canoe through the grass to your car. No more leaving your paddle board out in the middle of the walk way. No more roughing up your kayak as you are pulling it on the ground trying to get from point A to point B. All you have to do is put it in the rack and let it reap the benefits of a clean, dry, safe place for storage. Oh, and here’s the best part! When you want to go out on the water, simply take it off the rack and roll! There’s no heavy lifting or pulling involved! The ease of Log Kayak Rack adds so much to the functionality of your dock.

Dock Mount Options

Our Log Kayak Racks are all made up of Northern White Cedar, the best type of wood to give you long-lasting and durable results. It is the perfect choice of wood to mount on any dock, whether it is on salt or fresh water. We have a variety of dock-mount options, storing anywhere from 2 to 3 kayaks or SUPs. If you are looking for a specific type of rack, let us customize it to your liking. We are all about finding ways to help our customers out and give them the ultimate safe haven for small boat storage.

We know that you are enjoying your dock. Don’t waste another minute of your time worrying about storing your small boats. Log Kayak Rack offers convenience and safety like no other through our dock small boat storage racks. For more information about our racks, give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or send us an email at