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Dock Mounted Kayak Rack


Dragging and carrying your kayaks and canoes can damage them over time, leaving them misshapen and very scraped up. But, when you take your boat out of the water, often times you have to carry it along way before you can store it. How convenient would it be if you could just store your boats right at the dock? Log Kayak Rack now makes a dock mounted kayak rack that can be placed right on your dock and house your kayaks, canoes and SUPs right by the water. Using this storage rack will prevent damage to your boat (which can save you money over time) and will also save your back!

Keep Your Boats Safe and Protected

All of Log Kayak Rack’s storage systems are handcrafted and made from northern white cedar wood, which means that you can expect it to last for many years, even when mounted to a dock and left unfinished. Our storage racks are also extremely durable and can be kept outdoors, so they are ideal for dock mounting. These storage systems protect your boats, keeping them high and dry and the shape intact so that you can plan on using them for years to come. These storage systems can also be finished to match your dock and are made to support even heavy kayaks, canoes and SUPs (over 100 lbs.). Each rack is made in the USA and is easy to assemble so you can use it in no time.

If you decide to invest in one of our dock mounted kayak racks, you will have many choices for the size that you need. Log Kayak Rack offers six standard sized storage racks that can accommodate 2, 4, 6, or 8 boats — including all sizes of kayaks, canoes and SUPs. If you are looking for something custom made for your specific collection or location, our team always enjoys building a custom rack to meet a customer’s specific needs. Our team believes in the importance of both beauty and function and is committed to providing you with the storage unit that works best for you.

Secure Storage for Your Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs

Keep your canoes, kayaks, and other small boats safe this season and maximize your time on the water by investing in a storage unit that can be mounted right onto your dock. For more information about a dock mounted storage unit, call our team at Log Kayak Rack at (715) 543-2006.