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Dallas Kayaking Destinations

Trinity River in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is a big city that’s full of small-town charm. Here southern hospitality takes on a Texas twist. You’ll find diverse culture, a rich history and amazing culinary experiences as well as lakes, rivers and creeks that are perfect for paddling.

Best Places to Paddle near Dallas, Texas

There is an abundance of terrific kayaking destinations near Dallas. If you are looking to get out and enjoy some time on the water, here are a few top-rated spots you won’t have to drive far to get to.

Trinity River

Dallas, TX

For a challenging urban paddle, intermediate and experienced kayakers should head for Trinity River. The Trinity River runs through both Fort Worth and Dallas, offering 130 miles of city and country views. You can enjoy the Dallas skyline as you paddle your way through the city. Keep going past Loop 12 Bridge and you’ll enter the breathtaking Great Trinity River Forest channels. Here the urban landscape will be replaced by natural scenery, and you have a chance to glimpse the wildlife.

Village Creek & Lake Arlington

Arlington, TX 

Village Creek flows directly into Lake Arlington, which is located between Fort Worth and Dallas. Even though it’s in the middle of this metropolis, it offers a quiet and remote paddle with its calm waters and thick vegetation. A short, enjoyable paddle starts at the Everman Kennedale Road launch and goes for about three miles before heading into Lake Arlington. Lake Arlington itself is calm and great place for beginner paddlers.

Lake Ray Hubbard

Dallas, TX

Lake Ray Hubbard is one of the largest lakes in north Texas. spanning 22,000 acres. It’s one of the area’s more popular lakes for recreational water activities, but because of its size it never seems overcrowded. There is a six-mile paddle trail that starts at Paddle Point Park. There’s also the Harbor at Rockwall, where you’ll find a beautiful lighthouse, boutiques, restaurants, and live music.

White Rock Lake

Dallas, TX

White Rock Lake is a small lake that’s just five miles from Dallas. It offers a calm, quiet paddle with a 10hp limit on motorized watercraft. It has lots of launch sites and public picnic sites making it great for beginners as well as anyone looking to spend the whole day on the water.

Joe Pool Lake

Dallas, TX

Joe Pool Lake is a 7,500-acre lake near Dallas and Fort Worth.  Part of the lake is within Cedar Hill State Park. The other side is within Lloyd Park. Each side offers a bit of a different kayaking experience with a lot of coves and creeks as well as vast waters to explore. You’ll find soft clay banks, white sandy beaches, an abundance of fish and other wildlife, picnic areas and more within this serene kayaking destination.

Dallas Kayak Racks & Storage

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