Custom Kayak Racks

Kayak Storage RackNo matter what time of year it is, going kayaking is a great exercise. Whether you are doing it to get outdoors, exercise, or relieve some mental stress, a kayak is a great tool for those living on or near water. We always think of kayaks as being out on the lake or ocean but what happens to them when you aren’t enjoying them? Unfortunately, many people shove them in the garage or on the floor in their house! This is not good! Kayaks are made for the water! Placing them anywhere else could ruin their integrity and cause great damage. Fortunately, Log Kayak Rack has a great solution! Whatever your needs are, we can custom create your very own kayak rack!

Kayak Storage Woodworking Team

At Log Kayak Rack, our team of woodworkers has over 20 years of experience and an abundance of knowledge and skill when it comes to creating a custom piece for our customers. We carefully select wood, which is the northern white cedar log, because we want durable, weather resistant, and structurally sound wood for all of our kayak storage racks.

Taking Care of Your Kayak

When you buy a kayak, it’s not cheap. Protect your investment by choosing to take good care of it. Deciding on a custom kayak rack is the best way to keep your kayak safe and in good working condition. We have a variety of ways to store/display all of your different boards, rafts, and boats. We can keep all of your items safe, clean, and easily accessible so that they are ready to go when you are!

Why Purchase a Custom Kayak Rack?

By deciding to purchase a custom kayak rack, you become the creator! We can fulfill your every need! Our weather resistant boat storage racks can be placed both indoors and out. You can decide to leave the wood unfinished or finished with a light or dark stain. Our kayak stands can be built for freestanding use, docks, and so much more. We can work with special dimensions and all different mounting options. We are so confident we have the best quality storage racks that we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products! All of our kayak racks can typically last at least 25 years with proper use and minor upkeep!

So, if you own a kayak and you are looking for a great place to store it, look no further! Log Kayak Rack is here to help you with all of your storage needs! Call us today at 1 (715) 543-2006 or order from our available selection online now.