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Cold Water Paddling


Although spring is here and warmer weather has arrived, the water in many parts of the country is still cold. Big bodies of water take time to warm up after an ice out or cold winter. If you are eager to get your kayak, canoe or standup paddle board (SUP) back in the water, don’t forget to equip yourself for on-the-water! The last thing you want is to not be prepared if your cold water paddling experience capsizes and you are forced to swim in the cold water without the proper outerwear. While our team at Log Kayak Rack is used to helping our customers with equipping and protecting your boats when not in the water, we want to also help you on the water as well!

Equip Yourself for On-The-Water

Paddling in cold water seems like it’s 10 times harder than paddling in warm water. While we cannot control the water temperatures across the country, we can help you prepare for these cold temperatures. While our kayak, canoe or SUP storage rack is protecting your water board, take notes on your clothing options for cold water paddling. Based on our experience in cold water, we encourage you to invest in the following items of clothing:

  • Wetsuits – Have you ever seen someone out on the water in really cold temperatures? With the help of a wetsuit, this is possible. This type of clothing lets in a little bit of water into the suit and lets it warm up from your body temperature. This neoprene material keeps your body comfortable and at a steady temperature when paddling in cold water.
  • Drysuits – The purpose of drysuits are to keep all water out of your suit. While this type of clothing keeps you dry, it doesn’t keep you warm. So, you’ll want to wear proper undergarments like long underwear or light fleece to ensure that you stay warm in the cold water.
  • Other Accessories – When it comes to staying warm in cold water, there are a lot of clothing options that can help keep you from freezing! A lot of the large outdoor stores across the country, such as REI, carry a wide range of cold water apparel including dry tops/bibs/pants, liners, rash guards, hats, gloves and even footwear!

While you may be used to hearing our staff at Log Kayak Rack talk about protecting your kayak, canoe or SUP, we felt it was time to talk about protecting yourself. When it comes to protecting your water board, we are the experts. Consider our additional advice around equipping yourself for on-the-water this spring so that you can enjoy getting back out on a body of water. For questions regarding proper storage or proper clothing for paddling in cold water, give our team at Log Kayak Rack a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email