Caring for Your Kayak

Kayak Rack and StorageSpring is here and it’s time to get back onto the water! For some of you, it’s easy to grab your kayak off of your Log Kayak Rack, head on down to the water and start enjoying the weather! For others, grabbing your kayak won’t be as pleasant. Scratches, holes, and even dry rot may have invaded your once perfectly beautiful kayak. Don’t let this be you this spring! Caring for your kayak is very easy but you must have the ability to store your Kayak properly! If not stored properly, your kayak can easily become a piece of unusable junk taking up space on your garage floor. Let Log Kayak Rack take care of you and make sure this never happens to your precious toy!

Kayaks Don’t Belong On The Ground!

Naturally, kayaks are only made for the water. When they are anywhere else, they are subject to wear and tear to your dear product. Kayaks left on the ground are easily ruined and deteriorate much faster. In order to make something last, you’ve got to take great care of it. We have the perfect options for storage or display for your kayak! This keeps it safer, cleaner, and gives you plenty of easy access when you are ready to use it again!

Our Custom Crafted Kayak Racks

Whether you have just one kayak or an entire slew of them, we have just what you need to keep protecting your investment. Our weather resistant storage racks can be placed both inside and out. We are confident that we can keep your kayaks safe because we are confident in our racks. Our racks can be built for free-standing use, docks, on display, or kept in a garage. We use northern white cedar logs to protect your kayaks with resilient material that is also weather resistant. Our racks will likely outlast your kayaks as they are made to last at least 25 years with minor upkeep.

So if you own a kayak, please understand that it is vitally important to take proper care of it. This means cleaning off debris after each use, proper maintenance, and most importantly, proper storage of the kayak when it’s not in use. At Log Kayak Rack, adventure is our middle name! Be prepared for your next outing with a custom storage rack made just for you!

If you are interested in a Log Kayak Rack, order online or call us today at 1(715) 543-2006. Your kayak will be sure to thank you!