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Cape Cod Kayaking Destinations near Chatham, MA

Chatham, MA Kayaking

Chatham, Massachusetts is a lovely seaside town on the southeastern most tip of Cape Cod. A popular summer resort town, Chatham is known for its beaches, lighthouses, and stunning sights, some of which are best viewed from the water.

Chatham Kayaking Destinations

Surrounded by water, Chatham, MA offers endless opportunities for kayakers. We’ve put together a few of the top kayaking destinations on the southeastern tip of Cape Cod that offer some of the best views of Chatham’s most stunning natural and man-made sights.

Oyster Pond

Chatham, US

Oyster Pond is a saltwater tidal pond in the heart of Chatham. It’s located just off Main Street surrounded by some of the best shopping and dining Chatham has to offer. Beginning at Stage Harbor Road, you can enjoy a 3.5-mile paddle through the warm and calm waters of Oyster Pond River and Mitchel River to Mill Pond. The serene setting is perfect for a sunset paddle.

North Beach Island

Chatham, MA

Accessible only by boat, paddleboard, or kayak, North Beach Island is an incredibly beautiful and serene barrier island beach. It is located just a half-mile off the coast of Chatham and was created when it broke off from the mainland at Nauset Beach in 2007. Simply stunning, it offers crystal clear waters and an unspoiled and uncrowded beach compared to the rest of Cape Cod. It is also home to a lot of fantastic wildlife, including some curious seals.

Nickerson State Park

Brewster, MA 

There’s nothing else quite like Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod. Gone are the familiar sights of sand dunes and salt marshes and instead the 1,900-acre park is filled with wooded trails and eight crystal-clear freshwater ponds. Surrounded by sandy soil and scrub pines, the kettle ponds make for some excellent kayaking. They were created as glaciers retreated from the Cape over 10,000 years ago. With no rivers or streams feeding the ponds, they are completely dependent on groundwater and precipitation.

Barnstable Harbor

Barnstable, MA

Referred to as the “Million Dollar View” Barnstable Harbor is bordered to the north by Sandy Neck Barrier Beach and its famed lighthouse and to the west by the Great Marsh. The harbor is filled with wildlife including striped bass, bluefish, Atlantic mackerel, longfin squid, quahogs, clams, sandworms, bay scallops, ribbed mussels, gulls, and more, thanks to the cold, well-oxygenated Cape Cod Bay water. The Great Marsh is a 3,800-acre coastal wetland frequented by coastal birds and juvenile fish.

Scorton Creek

Sandwich, MA

Scorton Creek is a meandering tidal river on Cape Cod in East Sandwich, MA. It offers a pleasant paddle through saltwater marshlands before emptying into Cape Cod Bay. Enjoy a relaxing paddle amongst blades of Spartina and Juncus grass while trying to spot sandpipers foraging the river’s banks and common terns diving for Atlantic silversides in the shallow back eddies of the river’s sandbars. 

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