Canoe Storage Rack Ships to USA & Canada

Canoe Storage RackDo you own a canoe? Is it somewhere safe right now? If it is lying out in your back yard on the ground, we wouldn’t exactly call that safe. And keeping your canoes on the sandy shores to rest while you are on land can cause potential harm to them too. Instead of having the waves crash into it and it laying on the ground while you’re gone you could store your canoe on something meant to keep it safe. Our Log Canoe Storage Racks have been designed to hold canoes, kayaks, SUPs, surf boards and other small boats for years to come after your initial purchase.

How many Canoes do you need storage for?

  • Canoe Storage Rack for One – Have a single canoe for your home you want to store right? We can help you select the right choice for your property. We have wall mounted canoe storage designs and
  • Canoe Storage for Two – Have more than one canoe? Our Log Kayak Rack selection can hand a variety of small boats and a couple canoes.
  • Canoe Storage for Three – If you have a family that loves to canoe, kayak or SUP and you need somewhere everyone can place their equipment and keep it safe, our storage racks are the perfect solution.
  • Canoe Storage for Four – Our log rack storage design is strong enough to hold the weight of four canoes. Our design can keep your collection in a safe place when you aren’t there to keep a watching eye.
  • Canoe Storage for Even More – Have a resort and need more Canoe, Kayak or SUP storage? Our experienced woodworkers can craft a custom designed storage display unit(s) that meets all your needs.

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Log Canoe Storage Racks

Our Canoe Storage Racks can be ordered online and are available for shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada. Prolong the life of your, your family’s, and/or your business investment by seeing that your canoe is stored to paddle another day. There are many things you can do to protect your canoe, proper storage is a key aspect that should not be overlooked. Canoes were not built for the land, they were built for the water and storing them on the hard ground will damage your canoe.

Choose from our Online Selection, as mentioned above, or contact us and together we can build a storage rack that fits all your canoe storage needs. Call with any questions at (715) 543-2006.