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Canoe Storage Rack Finger Lakes NY


There’s nothing better than the Finger Lakes in the fall, and as we wind down to September, New York Finger Lakes canoers can look forward to boating along lakes and rivers fringed by trees of every color. You’ll find leaves changing from orange to red, maroon to brown, and even a few yellow and green stragglers that are resisting the changes of fall. Your canoe trips through the Finger Lakes are picturesque no matter the time of year, and when you get home from your boating adventure, hose down your canoe, and put it away until your next journey across the lakes, you might find yourself wondering why cleaning and storing your canoe can’t be as pleasant as your day trips through the water. If you’re looking for a simple boat storage solution, Log Kayak Rack’s canoe storage system is perfect for you, whether you have one canoe or eight.

Wall-Mounted and Free Standing Boat Racks

Because we know that everyone has different storage needs and different preferences for how and where they store their canoes, we sell both wall-mounted and free standing boat racks. Our wooden racks are made to be durable, capable of holding between one and eight boats, which can end up placing upwards of 100 or 150 lbs. on your canoe rack. We offer wall-mounted canoe racks for both one and two canoes, and our free standing canoe racks can hold between one and eight, so if you’re a solo canoer or canoe with a partner, you can choose between a wall-mounted canoe rack for your living room wall or a small one- or two-boat rack to set on your dock or in the yard. Our free standing wooden canoe racks offer an outdoorsy design that will suit any yard in the Finger Lakes, blending in with your home’s woody surroundings and making you feel like your canoes are a part of nature. If you choose an outdoor free standing canoe rack, we also offer locking mechanisms to protect your canoes from theft and ensure you have the greatest peace of mind you can every time you leave your boats out for the night.

Heavy Duty Canoe Racks for Oversized Canoe Storage

One of the most difficult aspects of finding a decent boat storage system is finding something that’s functional and ideal, not just usable. Especially if you have an oversized canoe, you want a boat rack that you can use when you first bring your canoe home so that you can place it on the rack, hose it down, lock it up, and be done for the evening without having to lift and carry your canoe more than is necessary. Unfortunately, most boat racks make cleaning and storing your boats more difficult than is necessary, and they’re often an eyesore on your property. For a canoe storage rack that looks great, holds several regular and oversized canoes easily at once, and will allow you to hose off your canoes on the rack, Log Kayak Rack has exactly what you need. With custom made canoe racks, we’re able to accommodate even the largest oversized canoes, ensuring that your days spend rowing on the New York Finger Lakes end just as peacefully as they begin. Contact us today at 715-543-2006 or, and see just how functional a canoe rack can be.