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Canoe Storage Options


To own a canoe is to love a canoe. Canoes have been around for as long as we can remember. They are known for being a sturdy vessel in calm waters. You can do so many things in a canoe. Whether you are looking to paddle just beyond the river bend or you are just looking for a nice day of fishing in a pond, a canoe gets the job done. Canoes are the best! So why would you treat it like it’s nothing? At the end of the day, canoes should be brought in from the water and placed in a protected space. All too often, canoe owners leave their canoes on the dock, in the water, or they just pull it up on the water’s edge and leave it for next excursion. Unfortunately, that’s when damage to your precious canoe is most likely. For this reason, Log Kayak Rack has made safe canoe storage possible. With several canoe storage options, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for you!

Two Canoe Rack

If you own one canoe, it’s likely that you own two. We have several different options for two canoe storage. Our styles include:

● Wall Mounted Dual Canoe Storage Rack
● One Sided, Double Stacked Dual Canoe Rack
● A low, Back to Back Rack

All of these racks are perfect indoors and out. Keep it at the water’s edge or store your racks in your home, either way, your rack will look great. Previous customers have enjoyed placing the wall mounted dual canoe storage rack on two trees, allowing for easy access when they are ready to get back on the water.

Four Canoe Storage Rack

Our free standing 4 place canoe rack is gorgeously made to give you both the look and functionality that your property has been missing. Also for both indoor and outdoor use, this free standing rack can be bolted to the ground or can be easily moved depending on your season.

Six Canoe Storage Rack

Nothing says “come play with me” more than six canoes that are ready to go on our racks. This rack is designed to keep your canoes safe and dry while not in use. Having six canoes is no joke, it takes quite a bit of organization. Style, organization, and safety makes this an ideal choice for multiple canoes.

Don’t see what you are looking for? That’s not a problem, either! Log Kayak Rack will custom build your canoe storage rack to exactly what you need. Our experienced woodworkers can build your exact design and ship it directly to you. For more information on our canoe storage options, give Log Kayak Rack a call today at 1(715) 543-2006 or send us an email at