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Canoe Storage MN


Now that summer is in full force in Minnesota, you likely are enjoying getting out on the beautiful lakes and rivers of our great state.  If you’re an avid canoe fan, you’re probably looking for a good way to store your boat so that it is protected from the elements, and off the ground to ensure it lasts quite a long time.  Well, when it’s time to finish up out on the open water, Log Kayak Rack has a full line of canoe storage racks that will ensure your boat(s) are protected and ready for your next adventure.

Why Do You Need A Canoe Storage Rack?

As mentioned above, keeping your canoe protected may be more difficult that you imagined.  While you may see some of your neighbors simply leaving their boats on the shore, this isn’t the proper way to store your canoe.  Instead, it’s better to utilize a canoe storage rack that keeps your boat off the ground and allows you to store other small boats as well.  Log Kayak Rack offers a variety of wall mounted and free standing canoe storage racks to meet your needs.  Whether you’re looking to store 2 canoes, or up to 8, Log Kayak Rack has a storage rack solution just for you.  Not only are these racks great for canoes, but many of our customers use them to store kayaks, paddle boats and other small boats.

Canoe Storage Racks Made in Wisconsin

One of the reasons why our customers continue to come back to Log Kayak Rack for their canoe and kayak racks is because of our high quality materials and U.S. based manufacturing.  We design and build all of our storage racks right here in Wisconsin, which helps us to keep jobs in our local community.

When you buy from Log Kayak Rack you’re purchasing a canoe storage rack from a family owned business that has been in the area for quite some time.  We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality boat storage racks on the market, and will stand behind our products in any way possible.  Because our canoe and kayak racks are made from the highest quality Northern White Cedar, they’ll most definitely stand the test of time when it comes to protecting your boats.

For more information about any of our canoe storage racks don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 715-543-2006, or email us at  We look forward to hearing from you very soon.