Canoe Rack Products

Canoe StorageCape Canaveral, Florida, what a beautiful place to be. Manatee sanctuaries, dolphin and whale watching, fishing and kayaking, and lounging on the piers and dock. Whatever water fun you are into, you can do it in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine state and get out on the water. In fact, the only thing missing on your dock is the Log Kayak Rack!

Importance of Using a Canoe Rack

Honestly, if you have made the investment in buying the kayaks, canoes, or stand up paddle boards that take over the floor of your yard, doesn’t it make sense to make the same investment to protect them? Why buy something if you intend on letting it rot on the floor or the ground? Log Kayak Rack is the perfect solution to keeping your kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards safe and dry. Our racks are weather resistant and can last for many years. We have a variety of products for all of you Cape Canaveral residents searching for a solution to your water sport problems!

Canoe Rack Options

Basically, if you can dream it at Log Kayak Rack, we can do it. We offer custom racks for anyone looking for a solution to their problems. We have kayak and canoe racks that have wall mounts attached so that buyers can hang them in their garage, inside, or even on the trees outdoors. Our standard racks with wall mounts come in different sizes, storing 2-6 items at a time. Log Kayak Rack offers single sided racks that can be bolted to the ground or transferred from place to place, also storing anywhere from 2-6 small boats. Racks mounted on the actual docks, mounts buried completely into the ground, double sided racks for more storage, larger racks to fit in oddly shaped boats, smaller racks to hold up to 10 SUPs, whatever your needs, Log Kayak Rack can fill them so that your small boats are taken care of. Most recently, we’ve added our 9-13 place log bike rack! Nothing says “enjoying that Cape Canaveral weather” like a trip to the shore on a bike.

No matter what type of kayak, canoe, or SUPs you may have, Log Kayak Rack has a rack for you in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Residents, vacation rentals, and even resorts, find Log Kayak Rack to be the perfect solution for storing all of their water sports equipment. For more information about our products, contact Log Kayak Rack today at .(715) 543-2006 or send us an email at