Canoe, Kayak & SUP Storage | US & Canada Shipping Available

Kayak Rack for small BoatsLooking for a quality canoe, kayak and/or SUP storage rack that will properly store and protect your watersport investments? Log Kayak Rack is a company with extensive woodworking experience and love for the outdoors – together we have crafted many exceptional small boat storage systems, some free-standing storage racks, some designed to be mounted to a wall, trees, a dock or something stable, we also have buried storage rack options and even waterside options for storing your small watercraft. Collaborate with the team at Log Kayak Rack to create a custom design that works best for your water toys or choose from our popular selection of Kayak, Canoe & SUP storage racks.

Looks Good & Protects your Kayaks, Canoes & SUPs

Our handcrafted log storage systems are beautiful enough to bring indoors and durable enough to leave outside all year round. Our racks are made out of Northern White Cedar, known for its weather resistant properties and long performance life, it is a great option that is both durable and beautiful. Our product can keep your small boats from damaging and offer a convenient and secure storage option for them. Then there is no need to drag the canoes and kayaks around when they are set and secured in seconds because storage is so close to the water. Our storage racks also prevent rodent nests and an excessive amount of bug infestation and water collection by keeping your boats off the ground and upside down.

Long Term Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage Racks

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsWant to ensure your Canoes, Kayaks and SUPs are in the exact condition you leave them in when storing them long-term? Take your selected storage rack to the garage, house, shed, basement, showroom or wherever and store your watercraft for the soon to come winter hibernation or make sure your rack has overhead protections if it is staying out all year long. Our racks are designed specifically to support and preserve the condition of kayaks, canoes and SUPs, so you know they are resting safe and ready for the spring thaw.

Make Every Season Easier with Log Kayak Rack

Make going out on the water a breeze with a beautiful storage rack designed to organize your small boat collection while protecting its condition. Whether you need to head to shore for an hour, the night or for the winter months – our Log Kayak Rack will make it easier to get out paddling and allow you to rest easy when you aren’t free to explore waterways.  Look to see if you are interested in one of our online collections and/or contact us directly for a Custom Storage Rack Design. We ship throughout the entire USA and to Canada. 1-715-543-2006