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Buy Instead of DIY: The Benefits of Purchasing a Kayak Rack


When you’re not using your kayak, canoe or other watercraft, are you storing them properly? To keep your equipment safe and ready for use for years to come, you’ll need a safe storage place. For high-quality storage, a log kayak rack is a great option. But you don’t have to build your own. In fact, for proper protection, you really shouldn’t.

The Importance of Storing Your Kayaks and Equipment

Your kayak and other watercraft must be stored properly to prevent damage and excessive wear. Excessive sunlight during the summer can cause damage to the hull, no matter the material. Moisture from rain, condensation andsnow can cause degradation of hull material as well.

High temperatures can cause slow melting of the plastic of your equipment and repeated freezing and thawing will damage the integrity of your boat. This is why proper storage is necessary during and after the boating season.

Why Buy Instead of DIY a Kayak Storage Rack?

When choosing a storage rack for your kayak, you should purchase instead of trying to build it yourself. Why?

  • Materials: Your storage rack should be built using the highest quality materials only such as Northern White Cedar. Often, these materials are difficult to find unless you have direct access to them.
  • Weight: Your kayak or boat’s weight should be distributed evenly to decrease the chances of deformities and bending over time. The weight of your boat should be supported at different points, matching the curve of your boat. It takes experienceto know how to build a storage rack to meet these specifications.
  • Wear: Your kayak rack should be able to withstand wear over time with proper materials and finishing. Our kayak racks are built to survive years in any weather, reducing maintenance and costs.

Our kayak storage racks are built to your unique specifications quickly, saving you time and the hassle of attempting to do it yourself. In fact, our storage racks are sent within a week of your purchase.

Find the Perfect Storage Rack today

Ready to find the perfect kayak storage rack for your equipment? It’s easy to shop online. Not sure which option best fits your needs? Send us a message today!