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Boat Storage Rack


Are you sick of washing out your small boats every single time you have to use them? Whether you use it for 10 minutes or 10 hours, washing is just never fun. When you get a kayak rack from Log Kayak Rack, everything will change. Less maintenance and frivolous time on cleaning means more time on the water enjoying the outdoors!

Kayak/Canoe/SUP Storage Rack

Why are storage racks so great? We saw a common problem among anyone who owned a kayak, canoe, or SUP. Rusting, decay, and general nastiness was a common theme among those purchasing these small boats. So we needed a solution. The majority of the time, these grotesque things were happening due to improper storage. So Log Kayak Rack created a simple solution, which was storage racks that were attractive, but also were a nice alternative to maintaining the condition of your boats during storage. Our kayak/canoe/SUP storage rack helps to clean up the unorganized clutter that commonly arises in your yard, garage, shed, or wherever you store your small boats. It serves as a very needed functional purpose, keeping your boats from aging, rotting, and rusting.

Why Our Customers Choose Us
A lady came into buy a storage rack one day because as she was pulling her kayak out from improper storage, low and behold, a big rat ran across her lap! This unpleasant surprise was due to laying her kayak on the ground. Our kayak/canoe/SUP storage rack prevents this problem by keeping it off the ground, high and dry!

Customize Your Rack
All of our kayak/canoe/SUP storage racks are constructed from Northern White Cedar, known to last for over 25 years even without a finish on it. It can be left unfinished or you have the option to finish it to match the house, gate, trim, dock, etc. Our racks can be used both indoor and outdoor. All of our racks can hold up to 100+ pounds of weight! While we offer 2,4, and 6 slot racks, we can customize your rack and make it perfect to fit your needs.

Using our kayak/canoe/SUP storage rack means that you are maintaining the condition of your boats while also reducing the amount of maintenance you have to perform on them. Some folks will even store their rack right by the dock, making loading it up and taking it off a breeze! For more information on our kayak/canoe/SUP storage rack, call Log Kayak Rack today at (715) 543-2006 or email us at