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Boat Dock Canoe Rack


If you are fortunate enough to have a dock out on the water, let us be the first ones to tell you that we think you’ve got it made. There is nothing better than heading out to your dock and having the ability to drop your canoe right out onto the water just as quickly as you want to. At Log Kayak Rack, we want to make that process even faster for you. We offer boat dock canoe racks that allow you to mount your canoe rack right onto your dock! If you’ve been waiting for a small boat storage rack that offers both safe storage and easy access, the wait is over with Log Kayak Rack’s boat dock canoe rack!

Easy Access

Is there really anything easier than storing your kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes right above the water? This rack makes it extremely easy to lift your boat down and out when you are ready to take off for an adventure. It also is made to be easy to put away. No more hauling your canoe off of the dock or dragging it to another location. The easy access alone makes Log Kayak Rack a winner but it’s still only one of the many benefits this rack provides.

Durable Storage

Anyone that owns a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board knows that these things take a fair amount of maintenance in order to get a good amount of life out of them. At Log Kayak Rack, finding a safe and reliable solution to store your small boats has always been our first priority. We want your kayaks, canoes, and SUPs to all be safe and stored properly throughout the year. This rack is no different. As always, we use Northern White cedar to construct our racks. We use this because of its durability and resistance to weather. Our racks can also withstand the heaviest of canoes and kayaks, giving you peace of mind when it comes to leaving them on your dock. For added protection, soft rest UV webbing and tie down safety straps can also be used for those with dramatic winds and harsh weather.

No matter what type of dock you own, Log Kayak Rack is here to make it better. Our rack will add both style and functionality to your dock. For more information about our boat dock canoe rack, give Log Kayak Rack a call today at (715) 543-2006 or send us an email at