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Best Places to Kayak Near Tuckahoe, VA

Kayak James River in Richmond VA

Virginia is for lovers and kayakers. And one of the best places for kayak lovers is Tuckahoe. This Richmond, VA suburb is located along the James River, providing excellent access to some of Virginia’s best kayaking.

Tuckahoe, Virginia Kayaking Destinations

Virginia is full of great kayaking, from rushing white-water rapids and twisty creeks to tranquil lakes. Here are some of the best Virginia kayaking destinations near Tuckahoe.

Tuckahoe State Park & Tuckahoe Creek

Queen Anne, MD to Tuckahoe, VA

Tuckahoe State Park offers paddlers a 60-acre lake, 15 miles of trails, camping, cabins and picnic areas. You’ll spot plenty for diverse plant and wildlife as you paddle around and under bridges. You can also paddle down the attached Tuckahoe Creek. Enjoy the twists and turns and the occasional rapid (up to class II) as you wind south through hardwood forests and open tidal marsh lands towards Tuckahoe, Virginia. It’s a relatively easy paddle with changing scenery and much to explore.

Lower James River

Richmond, VA Reedy Creek to 14th St

This 2.5-mile portion of the James River offers urban class III-IV rapids. A true whitewater gem, you’ll enjoy wildlife, beautiful scenery and heart-pounding thrills, all within the heart of Downtown Richmond.  Although it’s a short run, it offers numerous features for play and skill development, with lots of variability and a wide range of runnable levels. It’s excellent for intermediate and advanced kayakers, but being an urban run there are manmade hazards to be aware of as well, including low head dams, keeper holes, rebar, hidden debris and strainers.

Huguenot Flatwater

Richmond, VA

A quieter part of the James River Park System, Huguenot Flatwater Park is located west of Richmond, across the river from Tuckahoe. It’s above the James River rapids and directly underneath the Huguenot Bridge. It’s 37 acres are bordered to the east by Rattlesnake Creek and to the west by Old Southampton Road. This stretch of flatwater is perfect spot for a quiet paddle, birdwatching and fishing. You’ll find a wooden boat ramp for canoes and kayaks, a few walking paths and a set of stairs that will lead you to a viewpoint of the Old Westham Bridge remains.

Deep Bottom and Four Mile Creek Park

Richmond, VA

Twenty-five minutes outside downtown Richmond, Deep Bottom and Four Mile Creek Park sits on a quiet, peaceful stretch of the James. This part of the river is part of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake national Historic Trail, one of only two water trails designated as a “National Historic Trail.” Far from the sounds of the city, you’ll enjoy a peaceful, nature filled paddle. Deep Bottom Creek feeds into the James River creating a rich river bottom that is uncharacteristically deep. There are two boat ramps offering access to the James River and another one on the Four Mile Creek for kayaks and canoes. You’ll see blue grosbeaks, eagles, prothonotary warbler, frogs, fish and more among the sycamore, oak and pine lined shore.

Tuckahoe, VA Kayak Storage

Tuckahoe, Virginia is a lovely Richmond suburb on the James River. It’s close to rushing white-water rapids, twisty creeks and tranquil lakes, making it an excellent destination for all kinds of kayaking. With so much great nature to explore close to Tuckahoe, you’ll want to make sure your kayak or canoe is always at the ready. Our hand-crafted cedar log kayak racks can do just that. While beautifully storing and displaying your kayak, our rakes will also keep it safe and protected for years of enjoyment. Shop our kayak racks online now or contact us for a custom kayak storage solution to meet your Tuckahoe, VA kayak storage needs.