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Where to Kayak Near Hamilton, New Jersey

Delaware Raritan Canal State Park

Hamilton is a township in Mercer County, New Jersey. It is It is part of the New York metro, directly bordering Trenton as well as the Philadelphia metro. But despite its rather urban location, it offers many great kayaking and canoeing destinations that offer a quiet escape from the busy city life. Grab your paddle and come along as we explore a few of the best kayaking and canoeing destinations located near Hamilton, NJ.

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Kayak Destination: Palmetto, Florida

Florida Kayaking

There’s no shortage of adventure waiting for you on the water near Palmetto, Florida. This charming old Florida town is filled with charisma, quiet charm, and natural splendor. Practically surrounded by water on all sides, there are so many splendid options for kayakers of all skill levels to get out and enjoy the beautiful Florida waters near Palmetto. From thrilling to tranquil, freshwater to saltwater, mangrove forest to dolphins, Palmetto has it all.

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5 Best Kayaking Destinations Near Marietta, Georgia

Potomac River Kayaking.jpg

Marietta is a lively city, just northwest of Atlanta, Georgia with a rich history and vibrant future. It is perhaps best known for its charming turn-of-the-century square, quaint shops, beautiful parks, hiking trails, theaters and museums, but the city is also centrally located near some of Georgia’s best kayaking destinations. Here we’ve outlined a few of the most popular places to paddle near Marietta, Georgia.

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Michigan Kayaking Destinations: Traverse City

Traverse City Kayaking

On the picturesque shores of Grand Traverse Bay in the northern reaches of Lower Michigan sits Traverse City, a kayaker’s paradise. The area is home to hundreds of quiet forest lakes as well as streams and rivers that flow into Grand Traverse Bay and its adjacent waters. Uninhabited islands, picturesque fishing villages, innumerable coves and bays, secluded beaches and 400-foot golden sand dunes line the shorelines of Grand Traverse Bay and the nearby Manitou Passage make the city is one of the nation’s premier kayaking destinations.

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Massachusetts Kayaking Destinations: Kayak Cape Cod

Cape Cod Kayaking

Cape Cod is an amazingly diverse body of water that offers some really unique kayaking opportunities not far from Boston. There are islands, harbors, coves, ponds and rivers, which offer more than 60 different kayaking routes. Some are excellent options for kayakers of all skill, levels, other like the South Shore beaches which offer surf kayaking, are best left for the more advanced kayaker. Kayaking around The Cape is also an excellent way to see wildlife in their natural habitats.

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Minnesota & Wisconsin Fall Leaf-Peeping Kayak Trips

Kayak with dog

While many kayakers think of summer as the ideal paddling season with its long days and warmer weather, fall can be just as good. Especially if your goal is to glimpse the beautiful fall foliage. Leaf-peeping from your kayak or canoe is the perfect way to enjoy the brilliant autumn colors. So, if you’re in no rush to store your kayak and want to experience the vivid colors of fall’s foliage from the water, check out a few of our favorite places for in Minnesota and Wisconsin for fall color paddling.

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Where to Kayak? Sea Caves of Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Sea Caves of WisconsinWith their famous sea caves, the Apostle Islands offer some of the best kayaking in the world and among them is Madeline Island.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a 22-island archipelago with more than 500 square miles of Lake Superior and the shoreline. Some of the islands are commercialized and some remain uninhabited, but it’s the islands sea caves that most people come to see.

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How to Safely Kayak with Your Dog

Kayak with dog

If you love being out on the water kayaking or canoeing and have a dog, it’s time to bring your two loves together. Paddling with your pup can be a fun bonding experience, especially for dogs who enjoy the water. Even if your dog doesn’t enjoy swimming, they may just enjoy being with you and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of being out on the water.

If they do like to swim, then kayaking is not only a great workout for you, but also a great cross training workout that’s easy on the joints for them. Break up your walk routine and kayak with your dog.

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Best Places to Kayak: Pocomoke River at Porters Crossing Maryland

beautiful Pocomoke River MarylandThe Pocomoke River is another must paddle for many kayakers and canoers. The Chesapeake area river runs for about 66 miles from southern Delaware through southeastern Maryland. A favorite kayaking trail is the four winding water miles from Porters Crossing to the rural village of Snow Hill.

Grain field, drainage ditches and chicken houses dominate much of the landscape that was once home to a huge refuge of black bears. But the Pocomoke retains much of the region’s natural forests.

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What Should I Wear Kayaking in the Summer?

Group of Summer Kayakers on Water

No matter when you are kayaking, whether it’s in the warm summer months or cooler fall and winter, you should always dress for submersion. There’s always a chance that you may end up in the water so you should dress for it. That means two things.  You need to dress for the temperature of the water, not the air, and dress in clothing that can get wet and you can swim in if needed.

If you are kayaking in the summer, protection from the sun will also be important. That may mean slathering on the SPF or sporting a long-sleeved rash guard and hat. But no matter what you wear, make sure it’s comfortable and allows freedom of movement.

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Best Kayaking Destinations: Lake Erie

kayak beautiful lake erie from ohioHave you ever dreamed of kayaking one of the Great Lakes? Take in the wonder of the breathing taking and serene beauty of Lake Erie on a kayak. Filled with beautiful bay and alcoves, and abundance of wildlife, this Great Lake is must kayak. Here are some popular water trails to help you explore Ohio’s 312 miles of Lake Erie shores.

Mainland Trail

Ohio’s mainland shoreline of Lake Erie offers views of the Great Lake, Sandusky Bay, Kelleys Island and South Bass Island.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kayaking Dad

Father and kid out kayaking at sunsetShopping for dad is not always easy, but if you have a dad that’s at his best when he’s on the water with a paddle in his hands, we have a few father’s day gifts ideas that are sure to float his boat. (Some quite literally.) Here’s our Father’s Day gift giving guide for dads who kayak.

The Perfect Paddle

A paddle, aside from the kayak itself, will have the biggest impact on your performance in the water. If your dad is doing more battling than paddling, maybe it’s time to upgrade his paddle.

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Where to Kayak in Colorado Besides the Colorado River

kayak on the shore of Poudre River ColoradoThe famed Colorado River makes almost everybody’s ten best places to kayak list. There’s 1,450 miles of beautiful scenery stretching and winding through seven states. Each with their own stunning and unique offerings. It is in fact the river that carved out the eighth wonder of the world, and if it’s not on your kayaking bucket list it really should be. But Colorado is home to the headwaters of nearly 20 other rivers. So if you love kayaking and you love Colorado, be sure to check out these other must-paddle places in the state.

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How to Care for a Canoe

Well cared for canoe on the shore of a blue lakeA canoe is a wonderful way to enjoy the water. You can paddle for hours, relax on a calm lake, fish, and even splash around with kids. With proper care and storage, you’ll be making memories and enjoying your canoe for many, many years.

Canoes can be made from a few different materials. Traditional canoes are still made from wood or canvas. There’s also aluminum. It is more common for modern canoes to be made from molded plastic or composites such as fiberglass or even Kevlar. But no matter what material your canoe is made from, the general care and storage is the same.

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Best Kayaking Destinations: Lake Tahoe

kayak on the shore of Lake TahoeTucked into the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe welcomes travelers of all kinds but is especially appealing to athletes and adventurers with its easygoing, pine-scented atmosphere. Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake, the second deepest lake in the nation. The clear, cobalt blue lake should be on every kayaker’s must do list, but with 72 miles of shoreline, it’s important to plan your trip.

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How to Social Distance on the Water While Kayaking

lone kayaker practicing social distancing on the waterA few weeks ago, social distancing was a new term for most of us. Now we are all well-rehearsed in the importance of it and are doing our best to still live our lives while keeping our distance from others. But keeping to ourselves doesn’t mean we have to give up everything we love. Most stay home or shelter in place rules don’t keep people from going outside and enjoying the outdoors. Most are encouraging it as a way to stay healthy during this stressful time, so long as you practice a few extra safety measures.

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Dos and Don’ts of Safe Spring Kayaking

kayakers practicing spring safetySpring is in the air, the ice is starting to melt and for many paddlers that means its time to get back in the water. But spring weather can be unpredictable, and you may be out of practice if it’s been a while since your last kayaking or canoeing trip. Heading out too early, ignoring the weather or paddling beyond your abilities, can be extremely dangerous. So before you pull your kayak or canoe out of storage and head out for the first time this year, let’s make sure we all stay safe out there and review some spring kayaking and canoeing safety tips.

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Accessories for Beginner Kayakers

kayaker with gear for kayakingWhen beginning a new sport or hobby figuring out exactly what equipment and accessories are needed can be difficult. There are tons of different kayaking accessories out there, some are very universal where others are specific to a certain type of kayaking. But as a beginner, it can be difficult to sort through all of them to determine which ones you really need, which ones would be nice to have, and which ones can wait until you have more experience. Here we are going to go over some typically non-essential kayaking equipment, but equipment that would be helpful to have, especially in the case of an emergency.

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Essential Equipment for Beginner Kayakers

kayaker with lifejacket & paddleStarting a new sport or hobby can be an exciting adventure, but also confusing a one if you are truly are a beginner. Many first-time kayakers wonder exactly what equipment and accessories they will need. Here we’ve put together a list of essential gear every kayaker should have.

Essential Kayaking Equipment

Before you hit the water, this is a list of must have kayaking accessories and gear to make sure you stay safe on your trip on the water.

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How to Care for Your Kayak After Storing it all Winter

person caring for kayakIt’s never too early to start thinking about your first kayaking outing of the season. And with spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to get your kayak out of storage and back in the water. With a little prep work, your kayak will be good to go as soon as the weather warms. From storage to water, here’s what you need to know about getting your kayak out of long-term storage.

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Why Proper Kayak Storage Matters

proper kayak dock storageOwning your own kayak can be a wonderful but costly investment. It’s important to protect your investment with proper storage. If you don’t, you could be leaving your kayak susceptible to damage and deformity.

When a kayak is stored incorrectly it can cause damage and deform or distort the boat’s hull. It is important that the weight is distributed evenly when a kayak is stored. This is especially important for extended storage during the fall and winter.

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Cold Water Safety Tips: How to Survive an Icy Dip

Kayak enthusiasts know that this water sport provides a great workout for the entire body and mind. Not only does kayaking provide a great workout, but it gets you outdoors and spending time outside under the sun.

Many passionate fitness lovers are incorporating kayaking into their exercise routine for its benefits. While you may enjoy kayaking simply for the adventure and ability to experience life on the water, you’re still getting a great benefit.

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Why Kayaking is Great Exercise

Kayak enthusiasts know that this water sport provides a great workout for the entire body and mind. Not only does kayaking provide a great workout, but it gets you outdoors and spending time outside under the sun.

Many passionate fitness lovers are incorporating kayaking into their exercise routine for its benefits. While you may enjoy kayaking simply for the adventure and ability to experience life on the water, you’re still getting a great benefit.

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Kayaking in Cold Weather

Why would anyone want to kayak in colder weather?! For the hardy folks, fall or winter kayaking can lead to incredible views, less crowded areas, and an experience like no other. If you’re not afraid to paddle in minus a few degrees, you might find you truly enjoy cold weather kayaking.

Before heading out, make sure you dress properly for the lower temperatures and double-check any weather updates before you go. Beyond that, we share our best tips to prepare and enjoy cold kayaking. Learn the top tips for cold water paddling for a safe and enjoyable experience that you’ll want to share with everyone.

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Best Kayaking Apps

The last thing a novice Kayaker wants to think about while peacefully paddling along the water is their phone. Yet, there are benefits to bringing a smartphone to make the journey stress-free. You can silence your notifications and bring your phone along for these benefits!

Why use an app? There are many things to consider before hitting the water. Important factors such as safety, knowing where you are going, what the weather forecast is…

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The Best Fall & Winter Storage for Your Kayak

It is the start of pumpkin spice season, and before you know it, the holidays are sneaking up along with company dropping over. It might be hard to squeeze in time to go kayaking. What is a kayaker to do with their gear for the fall and winter? We offer the best dos and don’ts of proper fall and winter kayak storage.

By storing your gear properly, you’ll protect it during the offseason and have less maintenance in the spring when you’re ready to start paddling again.

Top Four Don’ts of Kayak Storage

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The Benefits of Joining a Kayak or Paddling Club

Sea KayakKayaking is a fun way to spend some time on the water and can be even more fun when enjoyed with other enthusiasts. Not only is the company on the water a plus, but it gives you the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from other kayakers. You can easily find clubs to join online via forums and Facebook groups.

The Benefits of Joining a Kayak or Paddling Club

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Which Kayak is Right for You?

Sea KayakKayaking is a great sport that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kayaker, it’s important to have the right kayak for the most fun. Local sporting goods stores will often host events for customers to try out different kayaks, so keep your eyes out for those. It’s a great way to try out different types of kayaks before purchasing.

Which Kayak is Right for You?

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Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Basics

Adult on SUP with childWe recommend meeting with a SUP professional to find the right SUP board for you and to make sure the paddle is correctly fitted to your height. This will ensure that you will be able to use correct posture and get the most out of your stand-up paddle board experience.

Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Basics

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The Top Five Kayak Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kayaking in river rapidsKayaking and stand up paddle boarding are both great outdoor water sports that you can enjoy as a family. They are great for a workout, getting vitamin D, and having fun on the water. There are some accessories that can make your kayaking experience even better, and some of these kayak accessories can be used for SUP boarding as well.

The Top Five Kayak Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Your Guide to the Top Five Kayaking Destinations for Kayaking in Minnesota

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and is a kayaker’s paradise! Not only does this state have ample lakes but also rivers and urban settings that are fun to explore by water. Many of these destinations have kayak rentals as well as launch spots for kayak owners.

There is so much beauty in Minnesota to behold from your kayak. You might even find your new favorite spot. Which one will you kayak first?

Top Five Kayaking Destinations in Minnesota

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Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking allows you to experience the beauty of the world from the water. Did you know that it also provides incredible health benefits? Kayaking not only helps you explore but also keeps you healthy and thriving by getting you outside and moving.

Learn more about both the physical and mental health benefits of kayaking and feel motivated to kayak even more. Do you own a kayak and are looking for custom kayak storage solutions? Properly storing your kayak helps reduce maintenance costs and improves your kayak’s longevity.

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Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Nothing beats the feeling of gliding across the water in your kayak. If you’ve never kayaked before, you’re in for a great time. Lots of first-time kayakers become hooked and can’t wait to get back on the water.If you’re reading this before you kayak for the first time, this will help you prepare for your first trip.

If you’ve kayaked a couple of times but still consider yourself a beginner, then these tips will help you become a better kayaker and feel more comfortable on the water.

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Your Guide to the Top Five Kayaking Destinations for Beginners in Wisconsin

All these Wisconsin destinations are perfect for beginners to get practice kayaking and for experts to enjoy a lovely scene. Pack your kayaks and gear then head out for a summer adventure you’ll never forget. Don’t own a kayak yet? Many of these destinations offer nearby kayak rentals.

These destinations are across Wisconsin, and each one offers something unique. You might even find your new favorite spot. Which one will you kayak first?

Top Five Kayaking Destinations in Wisconsin

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Top Kayak Destinations in the USA

With summer approaching, many avid kayakers are looking for their next kayak destination. In the United States, there are incredible kayak destinations for any skill level.

Below is the Log Kayak Rack’s roundup the top kayak destinations in the USA. They’re broken up into three sub-groups; sea kayaking, river kayaking, and lake kayaking. All these bodies of water provide a different kayak experience, and there are trips for any skill level.

What’s your next kayak destination?

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6 Kayak Safety Tips

Kayaking is one of the best ways to experience and sightsee a destination. You get to enjoy the beautiful view around you while being up close with the water. Many avid kayakers have experienced incredible close-ups of wildlife and can see a diverse landscape or geographic formation in a way unlike any other.

However, all avid kayakers know the importance of kayak safety. With any outdoor activity, you need to aware of your surroundings and prepared for anything to happen with the hope that it never does!

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Why We Use Northern White Cedar For Our Kayak Racks

We only use the best material to build our racks. We want your custom kayak rack to last a very long time with minimal maintenance, and that’s just two of the reasons why we trust USA northern white cedar for our racks.

We’re not the only ones who trust this material. Builders trust white cedar for many outdoor projects and structures like fencing, outdoor log furniture, and raised garden beds because this type of wood can handle extreme temperatures and humidity.  Cedar logs are also among the most trusted material to build cabins.

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Tips for Organizing All Your Water Sports Gear

When you have a free summer day, and the sun is shining, you don’t want to have to wonder where your kayak paddle is, stock your first-aid kit, or if your paddle board is ready. You want to go!

If you want to keep your water sports gear organized and hit the water faster, then read on! We share tips and tricks to keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Staying organized helps you get on the water, and it helps protect your equipment for the long run.

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Prep Your Kayak for Spring

Winter is almost over, and spring will be here before you know it! The spring months offer a great window of time for you to prep your kayak for the upcoming season. You want to be ready to hit the water on the first available opportunity and not have to worry about replacing parts or washing.

Here are five tips to prep your kayak for spring and get out there faster!

Five Steps to Get Your Kayak Water Ready

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Kayak Racks Are the Solution for High Traffic Properties

Many people look forward to enjoying time on the water during a nice day or on their vacation. There’s no better feeling than paddling peacefully on a lake or river and experiencing the tranquility of floating on the water.

Daily kayak rentals are becoming extremely popular and if you own a cabin or vacation rental near water, chances are your guests are interested in kayaking.  It’s important to keep your kayaks safely stored when they’re not being used and making them easily accessible to your guests.

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The Unique Process of Building a Kayak Rack

If you’re a business or a homeowner with lakefront property, you probably take advantage of the water using kayaks or other gear. Because watercraft are prone to wear and tear, a kayak storage rack is a great solution to prevent it. Wooden kayak racks are built to be both beautiful and efficient outdoor storage solutions.

The Details Matter in a Kayak Rack Storage Solution

Creating a kayak rack is a unique process. Although log kayak racks can be built to fit your unique specifications, there are certain details that each rack comes standard with.

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How to Choose a Kayak Rack for Your Business

Throughout the country, there are businesses who take advantage of the amazing waterways, lakes, andoceans that surround and flow through us. They offer individuals like us the ability to venture out onto the water, enjoying the landscape from kayaks, paddleboards and more. If you own a business like this, where do you store that equipment for your guests?

The Benefits of Using a Wooden Kayak Rack for Your Business

Do you own waterfront rental properties? Maybe a lodge?

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How Your Custom Kayak Rack Saves You Time and Money

Buying a custom kayak rack is an investment that’s well worth the money. Not only are you investing in a smart storage solution, but you might also be surprised to find your kayak saves you time and money!

Your custom kayak rack is designed for you and your busy life with the goal of protecting your kayak while helping you enjoy your favorite hobby. Learn more about how your kayak rack saves you big time.

3 Ways to Protect Your Kayak From the Sun

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How to Protect Kayaks From the Sun

Whether you have a little house on the beach or a cabin in the mountains, the sun will continue to shine on your gear. Just like we should protect our skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, we should also protect our kayaks, surfboards and other outdoor gear.

The sun’s UV rays can damage almost any surface after prolonged periods of exposure. It’s best to take the necessary precautions to ensure your watercraft is ready for adventure at any time.

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What Size Kayak Rack is Right for Me?

Your kayaks, small boats and other watercraft need a safe place to call home when not in use. Proper storage helps protect your kayaks from wear and tear and organizes your outdoor space. However, how do you choose a kayak rack that’s the perfect fit?

What Watercraft Will You Be Storing and Where?

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what watercraft you’ll be storing. Do you own kayaks alone? Or, do you need to store kayaks and a small john boat? A log kayak rack can store Canoes, Stand up paddleboards, Rafts, Wakeboards, Surfboards, Small boats, Skis and so much more.

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Buy Instead of DIY: The Benefits of Purchasing a Kayak Rack

When you’re not using your kayak, canoe or other watercraft, are you storing them properly? To keep your equipment safe and ready for use for years to come, you’ll need a safe storage place. For high-quality storage, a log kayak rack is a great option. But you don’t have to build your own. In fact, for proper protection, you really shouldn’t.

The Importance of Storing Your Kayaks and Equipment

Your kayak and other watercraft must be stored properly to prevent damage and excessive wear. Excessive sunlight during the summer can cause damage to the hull, no matter the material. Moisture from rain, condensation andsnow can cause degradation of hull material as well.

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How to Order a Custom Kayak Rack Online

Your outdoor sports equipment such as your kayaks deserve proper storage. During the off-season, your kayaks, boats, longboards and more have the potential to suffer wear and tear if stored on the ground or in a tight space. A custom kayak storage rack is made to fit your unique needs out of premium materials and built tough to withstand years of use.

It’s All in the Details: Creating Your Kayak Rack Specs

Before you order your custom kayak rack, you should understand the specifications you need your kayak rack built to satisfy. Our custom racks are built in many different sizes. First, decide what you’ll need to store. Do you own mostly kayaks? Or, do you own a mix of watersport equipment? From here, you can choose between:

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The Best Kayak Storage Rack for Winter

Winter is on the way and that means it’s time to think about storage for your summer gear. Boots, bikes, hiking bags, and other summer gear can be easily stored in closets, garages and sheds, but your kayaks require special storage to keep them in good condition through the winter months.

Our log kayak rack storage systems can help you get the most out of any storage space and preserve the longevity of your kayaks, so you can enjoy them year after year.

How to Store Your Kayaks for Winter

How to Weatherproof Your Kayak Storage Rack

Wall MountExposure to different types of weather can damage your kayaks and other watercraft. If you are using a log kayak rack to store them, you are already preventing significant damage to your boats. But what about protecting the rack itself?

Our log kayak racks are constructed from Northern White Cedar, which is resistant to damage caused by weather, wear, and insects. However, even such a durable wood can benefit from some routine care and maintenance.

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How Do I Preserve the Life of My Kayak Rack?

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsKayaks and other watercraft need proper care to ensure they last through every adventure. And just like your kayaks and other outdoor gear, maintaining your log kayak rack is critical for its performance and longevity of life. Although our storage racks are built tough out of the highest quality materials, a little TLC now and again will preserve your kayak rack for years to come.

Kayak Rack Care and Maintenance

Your wooden kayak rack requires the same care and maintenance thatany other solid wood piece needs. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of your kayak rack’s lifespan.

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How to Use a Kayak Rack for Multipurpose Storage

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsAs an avid outdoorsman, you might spend as much time outdoors as possible, taking in every sport and activity you can manage. You also might realize that in the off-season, when it’s time to store your gear, you have too many watercraft for your typical storage solution to handle.

The log kayak rack storage system offers much more than kayak storage. In fact, these storage systems are built to accommodate, the perfect multi-purpose solution for your home, cabin or mountain resort.

When kayak and boating season rolls around again, you don’t want to find your favorite kayak with a crack in the fiberglass.

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PVC or Wood Kayak Rack? Which Is Better?

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsYou just bought a new kayak and are looking forward to many beautiful and exciting trips in the future. To keep your kayak in top-notch condition in the years to come, it is important to store it correctly. This means you must keep it dry when not in the water, protect it from UV rays, and discourage animals from setting up housekeeping.

Properly storing your kayak will protect your investment and keep you on the water for years to come. You will see many options for kayak storage, so you will need to make some decisions. One of the first choices is to select the type of material used to make the storage unit. The most popular units are made of either wood or PVC. What are the pros and cons of these materials for building kayak storage?

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Understanding the Many Design Options for Your Kayak Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsWhen you buy a new kayak, you will want to protect your investment with the right type of storage unit. Selecting the right design can be challenging, because of the many options available for kayak rack designs. Here are some of the design decisions you will need to make.

Kayak storage units come in a variety of materials that include, wood, metal, nylon and other industrial-strength fabrics, and PVC. Selecting the best material for your kayak rack depends on several factors, including whether you will be storing your kayak inside or outside, how many kayaks you will be storing, how much room you have for storage and, of course, your budget.

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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsHave you decided to invest in an outdoor kayak storage rack? If so, there are many options availableto fit your every need. Should you purchase a ready-made kayak rack or a custom? How many kayak slots will you need for your collection? These questions and more should be considered prior to ordering your new kayak storage solution.

Your outdoor kayak storage rack should be built with you in mind. With all the options available, you will want to choose the right configuration, style and design.

Here are key questions to consider before making your purchase.

How many kayak slots will you need? Our outdoor kayak storage racks are made to fit two kayaks up to eight watercrafts of your choice.
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The Benefits of Owning Your Own Kayak Storage Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsAfter you experience the sunset in your kayak from the lake, you’ll want to store your vessel somewhere safe, preparing for your next adventure. The best way to store is using a kayak storage rack, the perfect addition to your backyard or shoreline.

There are many benefits to owning a kayak storage rack of your own. The best choice for high-quality design that you can be proud of, they will continue to protect your investment—instead of storing your kayak on the ground or in your crowded shed.

Let’s look at a few of the top benefits of using a custom-made storage system.
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Summer Kayak Maintenance 101

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsIt’s summertime, the perfect time for a nice, relaxing paddle around your favorite spot. Kayaking is a great summer sport when the weather is warm and the water cool. But it’s important to know that well-used kayaks experience some wear and tear. Before you get out to enjoy the experiences that a kayak can deliver, a bit of seasonal maintenance is in order.

If you are just now preparing for the kayaking season, you can start by bringing that kayak out of storage. If you are still storing your kayak in a garage or enclosed area, there are a few areas you will want to inspect before getting out on the water.
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Organize Your Outdoor Space With Kayak Storage Systems

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsIt’s that time of the year when your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home. From family gatherings to cookouts, your outdoor space should be the ultimate hangout spot. But, you may have noticed that your yard is cluttered from the off-season and could use some organization.

Your kayaks don’t have to spend their summer stacked up outside, taking up space. Instead, when you’re not adventuring on the water, there are kayak storage systems to keep them accessible and safe.
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