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8 place wood boat storage rack


Are you an avid lover of the water? If you are, we are guessing you’ve already been out on the water and enjoying all that boating has to offer! Most people like you aren’t just satisfied with one kayak. Whether you own all of these boats yourself or these bad boys are an investment for you, Log Kayak Rack makes 8 place wood boat storage racks to accommodate all of the kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes that your heart desires!

Importance of Boat Storage

Before we even dive into the details of our amazing racks, it’s important that we talk about the dire need for small boat storage. Whether you own a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, none of those small “boats” were cheap. When you are buying anything like that, you are investing in fun and entertainment for many years, not just a season. However, if you don’t take the time in also investing in proper storage, your years of entertainment and fun will end abruptly. It still is dumbfounding to see expensive boards left on the ground until the next use. Let’s get real here: nothing good comes from leaving a kayak or canoe on the ground. If you want to extend the life and integrity of your boats, storing it properly is a must.

Boat Storage Racks

All of our racks are constructed from Northern White Cedar. We chose this type of wood because it is best known for its resistance to weather. This means that whether you are ocean side or lakeside, your rack can resist it all. Each rack is glued, bolted, and screwed with galvanized screws, making it sturdy and impenetrable. Each rack is made to lift a kayak or canoe easily in and out. Several different types of boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats can all fit together on the racks. While some opt to leave their racks unfinished, others will stain it to the finishing of their choice so that it matches perfectly to their landscaping.

8 Place Rack

This particular rack is amazing as it holds a ton of different boats in one central area. It is a free standing rack that can hold up to 4 kayaks or canoes and then 4 stand up paddle boards. If you want to customize it further to hold 8 kayaks or canoes, we can definitely handle that too. This rack is specifically designed to get your kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards off of the ground and give them a safe, secure, dry and organized place to keep them. Many of our customers that choose this option are placing these racks within resorts, by the beach, in parks, or lakeside cabins. These racks do great near the water so that when you are ready to use your boat again, you have easy access!

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