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6 slot Kayak Rack


If you have multiple kayaks, canoes, or stand up paddle boats, you likely have a passion for spending time on the water. This may make the winter months your least favorite of the year, offering so few opportunities to be out on the water. However, keeping your boats safe, intact and protected during the cold winter is the best and only way to ensure that they are ready to go once the weather warms up again and you can get yourself back on the water. Log Kayak Rack offers a wide variety of storage racks to keep your kayaks, canoes and SUPs high and dry when they are not in use, so that you can maximize your time on the water!

Features Of The 6 Slot Kayak Rack

The 6 slot kayak rack designed and built by Log Kayak Rack is specifically made for those who have multiple boats and are looking for proper storage for these boats, especially during the winter months. This storage system can accommodate an assortment of kayaks, canoes, and other small boats as well as any necessary accessories like life jackets and other gear. Every storage unit is handcrafted, made from beautiful, durable and weather resistant white cedar logs, meaning they look great, are weatherproof and made in the USA. The 6 slot kayak rack is built with two quad racks back to back – holding up to 6 kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, or other boats. The 6 slot storage rack will allow you to protect your boats while displaying them in an organized way. The 6 slot rack’s dimensions are 76W x 51L x 75H – Base: 48W x 51L. Finally, these racks are durable enough to be kept outdoors and look polished enough for indoor use. You choose!

Benefits Of Log Kayak Rack Storage Systems

Using a Log Kayak Rack storage system for your boats will protect them from scratches and dents, extend their life and make them easily accessible to you once the weather warms up. All storage units can be left portable or can be bolted down in a permanent spot. They are easy to assemble and require minimal upkeep, and are the ideal way to organize and display your prized possessions. Our team can also customize a storage system just for your unique needs. For more information about Log Kayak Rack’s 6 slot kayak rack or any other storage system, call our team at (715) 543-2006.