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2 Place Canoe Rack


Most canoe owners tell themselves when they make a big canoe purchase that they will keep it protected at all times. After a long day out on the water, however, your body tells you differently and suddenly your favorite canoe is left right on the edge of the water. The issue with leaving your canoe on the ground, by the water, or any other place where it shouldn’t be left is that over time it can cause your prized possession to weaken and break down. At Log Kayak Rack, we have a solution that will keep your canoes protected and will prevent you from having to haul your canoe long distances. Consider investing in a 2 place canoe rack that will keep your canoes high and dry and properly stored!

Made in the USA

At Log Kayak Rack, high quality storage racks are our bread and butter. Our woodworking specialists have been working with wood for over 24 years. Each of our canoe racks are hand crafted with northern white cedar, which is the most durable wood around. We chose this material because we want your 2 place canoe rack investment to be one that lasts as long as you need this unique storage option. Made right here in the United States, your canoe not only protects your canoes, but it even can add a little flare to your property as well. The racks look good and can be set up just about anywhere on your property, even right by the water.

Get to Know Your Rack

Choosing the 2 place canoe rack gives you a dual canoe stand that comes in handy if you have more than one canoe, or if you have a friend visiting that has a canoe as well. Depending on your preferences, you can wall mount this 2 place canoe rack, or you can drill it in the ground or on a dock. Our 2 place canoe racks come in a variety of styles to choose from including:

● Wall Mounted Canoe Rack
● One Sided-Double Stacked Canoe Rack
● Low, Back to Back Canoe Rack

So, if you have been slacking when it comes to properly storing your canoes, it’s never too late to make a change. Team up with Log Kayak Rack today and let us provide you with a 2 place canoe rack that is attractive, durable and versatile. In turn, your canoes will last longer and stay in better shape year after year. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn more about the 2 place canoe rack.