Winter Boat Storage

No one wants boating season to end, but, the fact is, especially in more Northern areas of the country, the temperatures will soon be too low for most water lovers to be able to enjoy time out on their water in a canoe, kayak or other small boat. So, as the temperatures drop, we turn our attention to how best to store our beloved boats over the long, winter months. If you are like most small boat owners, protecting your boat for next season is a top priority. Log Kayak Rack makes beautiful, durable, and sturdy storage racks that can accommodate your kayaks, canoes and/or SUPs. You no longer have to make space in your garage, under your house or underfoot. With one of our handmade storage racks, you can feel confident that your boat will be ready for another adventure once spring rolls around.

Why Choose A Storage System From Log Kayak Rack?

What makes our storage racks so unique? First, each one is made from 100% Northern White Cedar Logs with glued mortise and tendon joinery for strength. This means that you can expect your investment to last. You have already made a significant investment in your boats, and a new storage rack helps extend the life of these prized possessions. Our storage racks can be customized to fit any number of boats — 2, 4, 6, 8 are our standard rack sizes, but our team is always up for a challenge and can build a rack to suit your individual need. Other benefits of our storage racks include the following:

  • Keep all of your boats safe, high and dry throughout the winter months;
  • Help your boat maintain its shape so that it is ready for use once the weather turns warmer once again;
  • Keep your boats organized;
  • Racks can be kept indoors or out, depending on your unique space;
  • Racks can be finished to match your existing decor including fencing, trim or dock;
  • Racks can Support the Weight of the Heaviest (OVER 100 lbs) Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards and Small Boats.
  • All storage racks are made in the USA

Free Shipping on all Storage Racks

Our team ships for free and assembly is fast and simple. If you would like more information about how to keep your kayaks, canoes and other small boats in their best possible condition this winter, call our team today at (715) 543-2006 for more information.