Quad Kayak/Canoe/SUP Rack

Quad Boat Storage Rack Do you love being out on the open water in your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board? Isn’t it just the best being able to be at peace on the water without a care in the world? If you have this love for the outdoors and the water, you likely have several boats that you have stored somewhere inside or outside of your home. The problem with having several kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards is that they can take up a ton of room. What you may not realize is that if you’re not properly storing your boats you could be causing damage that will affect how the boats perform out on the water. If you’re truly a boat lover, you may be interested in the quad kayak/canoe/SUP rack from Log Kayak Rack. In this blog we’ll go into more detail about why you need storage racks for your boats and what makes our storage racks a cut above the rest.

Introducing our Quad Kayak/Canoe/SUP Rack

Our 4 place kayak rack is unlike any other rack on the market. We’ve worked incredibly hard to design a quad kayak rack that will not only support your boats, but also protect them from damage as well as the elements. A few of the features that we’re most proud of include:

  • Weather resistant construction from Northern White Cedar Logs
  • Stores up to 4 kayaks, canoes, rafts or stand up paddle boards
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Racks can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be purchased unfinished or finished (Natural, Dark Oak)
  • Built 100% in the US, right here in Wisconsin
  • Offers support for the heaviest canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards
  • Comes disassembled, but is very easy to assemble with a 7/16 inch socket

What if I have Extra Long Kayaks or Canoes?

If you have extra long boats, kayaks or canoes, we can easily lengthen the cross rails. This allows you to easily store your larger boats. In fact, we can also design and built completely custom storage racks for your needs. This way you can participate in the design process so that your storage rack is exactly what you want and need.

Contact Log Kayak Rack Today

If you’re convinced that you could use one of our Quad kayak/canoe SUP racks or one of our custom storage racks, give us a call today at (715) 543-2006. One of our kayak storage experts will be happy to discuss your needs and come up with a solution that works for you.