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Best Places to Kayak: Pocomoke River at Porters Crossing Maryland

beautiful Pocomoke River MarylandThe Pocomoke River is another must paddle for many kayakers and canoers. The Chesapeake area river runs for about 66 miles from southern Delaware through southeastern Maryland. A favorite kayaking trail is the four winding water miles from Porters Crossing to the rural village of Snow Hill.

Grain field, drainage ditches and chicken houses dominate much of the landscape that was once home to a huge refuge of black bears. But the Pocomoke retains much of the region’s natural forests.

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What Should I Wear Kayaking in the Summer?

Group of Summer Kayakers on Water

No matter when you are kayaking, whether it’s in the warm summer months or cooler fall and winter, you should always dress for submersion. There’s always a chance that you may end up in the water so you should dress for it. That means two things.  You need to dress for the temperature of the water, not the air, and dress in clothing that can get wet and you can swim in if needed.

If you are kayaking in the summer, protection from the sun will also be important. That may mean slathering on the SPF or sporting a long-sleeved rash guard and hat. But no matter what you wear, make sure it’s comfortable and allows freedom of movement.

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Best Kayaking Destinations: Lake Erie

kayak beautiful lake erie from ohioHave you ever dreamed of kayaking one of the Great Lakes? Take in the wonder of the breathing taking and serene beauty of Lake Erie on a kayak. Filled with beautiful bay and alcoves, and abundance of wildlife, this Great Lake is must kayak. Here are some popular water trails to help you explore Ohio’s 312 miles of Lake Erie shores.

Mainland Trail

Ohio’s mainland shoreline of Lake Erie offers views of the Great Lake, Sandusky Bay, Kelleys Island and South Bass Island.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kayaking Dad

Father and kid out kayaking at sunsetShopping for dad is not always easy, but if you have a dad that’s at his best when he’s on the water with a paddle in his hands, we have a few father’s day gifts ideas that are sure to float his boat. (Some quite literally.) Here’s our Father’s Day gift giving guide for dads who kayak.

The Perfect Paddle

A paddle, aside from the kayak itself, will have the biggest impact on your performance in the water. If your dad is doing more battling than paddling, maybe it’s time to upgrade his paddle.

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Where to Kayak in Colorado Besides the Colorado River

kayak on the shore of Poudre River ColoradoThe famed Colorado River makes almost everybody’s ten best places to kayak list. There’s 1,450 miles of beautiful scenery stretching and winding through seven states. Each with their own stunning and unique offerings. It is in fact the river that carved out the eighth wonder of the world, and if it’s not on your kayaking bucket list it really should be. But Colorado is home to the headwaters of nearly 20 other rivers. So if you love kayaking and you love Colorado, be sure to check out these other must-paddle places in the state.

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How to Care for a Canoe

Well cared for canoe on the shore of a blue lakeA canoe is a wonderful way to enjoy the water. You can paddle for hours, relax on a calm lake, fish, and even splash around with kids. With proper care and storage, you’ll be making memories and enjoying your canoe for many, many years.

Canoes can be made from a few different materials. Traditional canoes are still made from wood or canvas. There’s also aluminum. It is more common for modern canoes to be made from molded plastic or composites such as fiberglass or even Kevlar. But no matter what material your canoe is made from, the general care and storage is the same.

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Best Kayaking Destinations: Lake Tahoe

kayak on the shore of Lake TahoeTucked into the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe welcomes travelers of all kinds but is especially appealing to athletes and adventurers with its easygoing, pine-scented atmosphere. Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake, the second deepest lake in the nation. The clear, cobalt blue lake should be on every kayaker’s must do list, but with 72 miles of shoreline, it’s important to plan your trip.

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How to Social Distance on the Water While Kayaking

lone kayaker practicing social distancing on the waterA few weeks ago, social distancing was a new term for most of us. Now we are all well-rehearsed in the importance of it and are doing our best to still live our lives while keeping our distance from others. But keeping to ourselves doesn’t mean we have to give up everything we love. Most stay home or shelter in place rules don’t keep people from going outside and enjoying the outdoors. Most are encouraging it as a way to stay healthy during this stressful time, so long as you practice a few extra safety measures.

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Dos and Don’ts of Safe Spring Kayaking

kayakers practicing spring safetySpring is in the air, the ice is starting to melt and for many paddlers that means its time to get back in the water. But spring weather can be unpredictable, and you may be out of practice if it’s been a while since your last kayaking or canoeing trip. Heading out too early, ignoring the weather or paddling beyond your abilities, can be extremely dangerous. So before you pull your kayak or canoe out of storage and head out for the first time this year, let’s make sure we all stay safe out there and review some spring kayaking and canoeing safety tips.

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Accessories for Beginner Kayakers

kayaker with gear for kayakingWhen beginning a new sport or hobby figuring out exactly what equipment and accessories are needed can be difficult. There are tons of different kayaking accessories out there, some are very universal where others are specific to a certain type of kayaking. But as a beginner, it can be difficult to sort through all of them to determine which ones you really need, which ones would be nice to have, and which ones can wait until you have more experience. Here we are going to go over some typically non-essential kayaking equipment, but equipment that would be helpful to have, especially in the case of an emergency.

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