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Winter Boat Storage

No one wants boating season to end, but, the fact is, especially in more Northern areas of the country, the temperatures will soon be too low for most water lovers to be able to enjoy time out on their water in a canoe, kayak or other small boat. So, as the temperatures drop, we turn our attention to how best to store our beloved boats over the long, winter months. If you are like most small boat owners, protecting your boat for next season is a top priority. Log Kayak Rack makes beautiful, durable, and sturdy storage racks that can accommodate your kayaks, canoes and/or SUPs. You no longer have to make space in your garage, under your house or underfoot. With one of our handmade storage racks, you can feel confident that your boat will be ready for another adventure once spring rolls around.

Customizable Kayak Racks

On DockIn this day in age, it’s almost a little silly to buy something that isn’t customized to fit our needs. Why would you get a pair of shoes that didn’t fit your feet? Why would you buy a house if it couldn’t be customized to your liking? In the same token, why would you buy storage for your kayaks if it didn’t fit all of them on it? Customization is great! It provides a great solution to one of the many challenges when it comes to kayak storage. If you are looking for a good way to store your kayaks, look into our customizable kayak racks at Log Kayak Rack today.

Small Boat Organization Help

Kayak, Canoe, Paddle BoardIf you love the water and own small boats so that you and your friends can enjoy your passion during your free time, you may struggle keeping your small boats organized and protect them when they are not in use. As fall approaches, there is nothing better than spending time on the local waters, before the cold of winter arrives and you have to put your boats away. Log Kayak Rack offers storage racks that help you keep all of your small boats organized and protected so that you can maximize your time on the water now and have the perfect place to keep your boats safe all winter long.

Kayak Storage For Winter

Kayak Storage optionsAlright folks, Labor Day is over and the summer weather is coming to a close. As the days become shorter and shorter, it’s a constant reminder that there is not much time left to enjoy the water. While we are all sad to see summer go, we are also already getting excited about next year! Spring is only a few short (and cold) months away! The best way to ensure you are back out on the water as soon as possible is to have proper storage during these colder months. At Log Kayak Rack, our racks provide excellent winter kayak storage. Ordering your rack now will give you the storage you need for many seasons and many years to come.

Small Boat Indoor Storage

Storing your boat inside is one way to ensure that you get the best life expectancy out of your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP). The question however, is where can you find a storage option that isn’t an eyesore? Well, the answer is much easier than you may think. By partnering with our small boat indoor storage team at Log Kayak Rack, we offer storage racks that are attractive, long lasting and unique!

Easy Canoe Storage

At Log Kayak Rack, providing our customers with easy canoe storage no matter where they are in the US is one of our top priorities. If you’ve had a canoe in the past that you didn’t properly store, you probably know the reasons why it is important to store your canoe appropriately. Our diverse canoe storage racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be placed in multiple locations around your property. So, don’t be lazy when it comes to storing your new canoe. Instead, invest in one of our durable canoe storage options that makes the process simple.

Kayak and canoe lakeside storage options

Small Boat Storage OptionsInside the heartland of the United States, Log Kayak Rack in the state of Wisconsin, is a family owned craftier in designing and producing kayak, canoe, and paddle board rack and storage options. All of our rack and storage units are made from reliable and natural Northern White Cedar Wood, making for an unquestionably attractive storage unit for your favorite water sport tools and toys.

Most hobbies are not cheap and any enthusiast will quickly recognize the importance of proper care and storage options for their expensive hobby tools. The longevity of your canoe you bought last summer, will be out on the water for many more future summers when it is properly stored high and dry on a sturdy rack. And our storage racks can carry equipment weighing over 100 pounds! Keep your property looking organized while simultaneously allowing your equipment to last longer.

Dock Boat Storage

Canoe and Kayak Storage RacksDo you spend most of your free time outdoors? Do you or your family have access to a property on the water? Maybe it’s on a lake or at one of the beautiful beaches across the US. To top it off, are you lucky enough to have a dock on your waterfront property? If you fall into this category, then chances are that you also have small boats such as a kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP). Rather than leaving your small boats on the shore or hauling them back to your garage, our team at Log Kayak Rack has the perfect storage solution for you! It is time to invest in our dock boat storage that will allow you to safely and securely store your small boats right on your dock. How simple is that!

Multiple Canoe Rack

Canoe Storage RackAre you the owner of multiple canoes or other small boats (kayaks, SUPs)? And, are you constantly looking for places to store them safely when they are not in the water? Your storage dilemma can finally be over. Log Kayak Rack offers beautiful, functional and durable storage racks for multiple canoes and/or other small boats. These storage racks allow you to keep your canoes safe, dry, intact and off the ground where they can easily be damaged over time. With our storage racks, all you have to do is bring your boat in off the water and place it on the rack and your problem is solved.

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