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The Benefits of Owning Your Own Kayak Storage Rack

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsAfter you experience the sunset in your kayak from the lake, you’ll want to store your vessel somewhere safe, preparing for your next adventure. The best way to store is using a kayak storage rack, the perfect addition to your backyard or shoreline.

There are many benefits to owning a kayak storage rack of your own. The best choice for high-quality design that you can be proud of, they will continue to protect your investment—instead of storing your kayak on the ground or in your crowded shed.

Let’s look at a few of the top benefits of using a custom-made storage system.
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Summer Kayak Maintenance 101

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsIt’s summertime, the perfect time for a nice, relaxing paddle around your favorite spot. Kayaking is a great summer sport when the weather is warm and the water cool. But it’s important to know that well-used kayaks experience some wear and tear. Before you get out to enjoy the experiences that a kayak can deliver, a bit of seasonal maintenance is in order.

If you are just now preparing for the kayaking season, you can start by bringing that kayak out of storage. If you are still storing your kayak in a garage or enclosed area, there are a few areas you will want to inspect before getting out on the water.
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Organize Your Outdoor Space With Kayak Storage Systems

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsIt’s that time of the year when your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home. From family gatherings to cookouts, your outdoor space should be the ultimate hangout spot. But, you may have noticed that your yard is cluttered from the off-season and could use some organization.

Your kayaks don’t have to spend their summer stacked up outside, taking up space. Instead, when you’re not adventuring on the water, there are kayak storage systemsto keep them accessible and safe.
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Outdoor Kayak Storage System

Outdoor Kayak Storage System - Log Kayak RacksOne of the very best times of the year for watersports lovers is the spring! The temperatures are beginning to rise, the ground is finally thawing out, and in just a few short weeks you will be able to be outside enjoying what you love – being out on the water. There is no better companion than your kayak to enjoy all that spring has to offer in our area. When it comes time to store your kayak and other small boats, Log Kayak Rack offers a high quality, durable, beautiful, and affordable option for outdoor kayak storage to keep your boats safe and dry when they are not in the water. Log Kayak Rack uses 100% northern white cedar logs for each and every one of our handcrafted kayak racks and we can even customize a storage rack to meet your unique needs.
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Log Storage Racks For Small Boats

Log Storage Racks For Small BoatsFor those passionate about being able to spend your free time out on the water, boat storage is something that isn’t always on your mind. However, what you do with these items when they are not in use is critical. Many owners leave their smaller boats, kayaks, canoes, or stand up paddle boards on the shore by the water, or on the floor of their boathouse or shed. The issue is that storing these items in that manner makes them more susceptible to damage, and usually leads to a shorter lifespan. At Log Kayak Rack we offer unique, long lasting, and affordable small boat storage racks that will keep your boat off the ground and secure while it is not in use.
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Outdoor Canoe Storage Rack

Outdoor Canoe Storage RackAre you living near the water? If so there is a good chance it is because you love watersports. Whether it being fishing, relaxing, or just enjoy the nature, the chances are, you either have a canoe or kayak and you probably do not have the proper storage to preserve your investment. Log Kayak Rack provides a variety of heavy duty kayak, canoe and stand up paddle board storage racks that are handcrafted by Kurt, who has more than 24 years of woodworking under his belt. Kurt has experience in woodwork from building log homes to log furnishings, and with his love for water and the great outdoors he decided to dedicate himself to providing customers with beautiful watersport racks.
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Kayak Racks for Resorts

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsResorts like yours, located near or on the water, are wildly popular for weekend getaways or extended vacations for many families and groups of friends looking to unplug and reset. The water is a huge selling point for your guests as it offers so many things to do in the beautiful outdoors no matter your guests’ fitness level, age or interests. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking and fishing are a few of the most popular outdoor activities and as a waterfront resort…

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Paddle Board Storage Rack Ideas

Log Paddle Board Storage RackWe may sound as if we only make racks for kayaks, but in fact we custom build racks for a variety of water-sports including paddle boards! Using Northern White Cedar, we use the best lumber that is durable, beautiful and weather resistant, to provide you with the best racks in the business.

With more than 24 years woodworking experience, owner Kurt has decided to share his gift nationwide by building kayak, canoe and stand up paddle board racks. Kurt has built log homes and log furnishings and has the craft perfected. His love for water and the outdoors provoked him to shift his energy to share with everyone his love. When you choose to order from Log Kayak Rack you will receive only the best. Our dedication to our business allows us to give our customers a one year warranty.
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Wooden Canoe Stands

Wooden Canoe StandsCanoes have been around for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest known canoe dates back somewhere around 7600 BC. Canoes are relatively lightweight, have points at both ends and are propelled by the passengers willing to roll up their sleeves and paddle. Canoes are a fantastic, timeless vessel that have many different uses. From fishing to day dreaming out on the lake, canoes are multi-functional and easy to use. So if you own or love canoes, it’s important to cherish and take care of this prized possession. Keeping a canoe safe and dry during storage is one of the best ways to improve the longevity of your beloved canoe. At Log Kayak Rack, we offer beautifully constructed wooden canoe stands. If you own a canoe, you no doubt should own a Log Kayak Rack stand.
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Proper Kayak Storage

Proper Kayak StorageTick, tock. Tick, tock. All of us avid water lovers are counting down the days, hours, and minutes until we can be out on the water again. Perhaps in some areas, we already are! If you own a kayak, being out on the water is just something you long for. So when that time comes, taking your kayak out of storage and immediately heading to the lake or ocean happens pretty quickly. For those that properly store their kayaks, that doesn’t really seem to be a problem.

Unfortunately, for those that have left their kayaks vulnerable to cracks, mold and vermin, their dreams of grabbing their kayak and heading out on the water can come to a quick halt. At Log Kayak Rack, we provide custom kayak racks so your kayak will always be ready to grab and go!…
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