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Custom Kayak Rack

Kayak Rack CustomWhen people think of getting something customized, they often feel like that’s “too fancy” or it will be too expensive. It’s almost as if people think it’s too much to handle or perhaps it’s not necessary. Guys, it’s not like we are monogramming here. When you customize your kayak rack, you are doing it for a functional purpose. It is something that you functionally need in order to keep your kayaks, SUPs, canoes, or what have you, safe. At Log Kayak Rack, we are all about making your kayak rack just right for you. This is why we offer affordable custom kayak racks to all of our fellow water lovers out there!

Paddle Boat Storage Options

Paddle board storageThere’s nothing like getting out on your paddle boat in the middle of the nearest water source! Just being able to go out on your paddle boat in the middle of water while you enjoy the breathtaking landscape around you is what life is all about. Paddle boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While these small boats are typically very durable, over time they can break down if they are not properly cared for. One of the key things that has an impact on the life expectancy of your paddle boat is storage. If you were honest, are you satisfied with the current way you store your paddle boat? If the answer is no, our team at Log Kayak Rack is the perfect partner for you. Specializing in paddle boat storage racks, we’ll keep your favorite possession secure and dry while it rests and gets ready for your next adventure out on the water!

Wall Mounted Canoe Storage

Small Boat Storage Rack Wll MountedY’all, we are giddy about our wall mounts. They are such a phenomenal way to keep your canoes safe and they look absolutely stunning on a wall. If you are looking for a way to store your canoes that is attractive, safe, and easy to access, the wall mounted canoe storage at Log Kayak Rack should be your first and only choice.

Same Durability

It’s important to note that anything we do at Log Kayak Rack is going to be done well. All of our racks, including our wall mounts, are constructed with Northern White cedar. This is used throughout our rack systems because it is rated the best for being weather resistant. Additionally, each rack is glued, bolted, and then screwed with galvanized screws, ensuring their durability no matter what the weather may throw at you.

8 place wood boat storage rack

Are you an avid lover of the water? If you are, we are guessing you’ve already been out on the water and enjoying all that boating has to offer! Most people like you aren’t just satisfied with one kayak. Whether you own all of these boats yourself or these bad boys are an investment for you, Log Kayak Rack makes 8 place wood boat storage racks to accommodate all of the kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes that your heart desires!

4 place one sided boat rack

4 boats one sided rackFor many watersport lovers, one is just not enough! Over time, you may accumulate more than one boat. Then, you have to ask yourself, how do you plan on storing all of these boats? Whether you have kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards (SUP) or a mixture of these boat options, the easy solution is Log Kayak Rack. Offering a 4 place one sided boat rack, you’ll be able to keep your boats stored properly at all times.

Small Boat Lakeside Storage

Store My Boat LakesideNo matter how big or small your boat may be, it is definitely an expensive investment. Even for the small boats like kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards (SUP), the price tag can put a nice dent into your wallet. Anytime you commit to a big purchase like investing in one of these types of boats, you need to properly store your item from day one. Don’t get lazy and begin bad habits like laying your small boat lakeside directly on the ground. Instead, make that extra investment to ensure that your kayak, canoe or SUP stays around for as long as possible. That’s where our team at Log Kayak Rack can lend a helping hand! Specializing in small boat lakeside storage, your small boats will be easily stored safely, right by the lake!

2 Place Canoe Rack

Two Place Canoe RackMost canoe owners tell themselves when they make a big canoe purchase that they will keep it protected at all times. After a long day out on the water, however, your body tells you differently and suddenly your favorite canoe is left right on the edge of the water. The issue with leaving your canoe on the ground, by the water, or any other place where it shouldn’t be left is that over time it can cause your prized possession to weaken and break down. At Log Kayak Rack, we have a solution that will keep your canoes protected and will prevent you from having to haul your canoe long distances. Consider investing in a 2 place canoe rack that will keep your canoes high and dry and properly stored!

Paddle Board Storage Rack

Paddle Board Storage OptionsIf you’ve ever been out on a paddle board, it’s likely that you’ve fallen in love with the sport. For many different reasons, people love to paddle board. It’s a fun thing to do for all ages. We’ve seen young, old, and many in-betweeners enjoying their paddle boards in all different ways. Whether it’s gliding through the sound in the early morning or doing evening yoga with your dog in the middle of the lake, paddle boards are versatile and fun for all sorts of activities! As versatile as it is, there is one rule to paddle boarding that must always be followed – store your SUP in a safe place! No matter what you do with your board in the water, the way you store it should always be the same. Log Kayak Rack is your premier paddle board storage rack that basically saves the day and dramatically decreases the risk of damaging your beautiful SUP.

Dock Mounted Kayak Rack

Dock Mounted Boat RackDragging and carrying your kayaks and canoes can damage them over time, leaving them misshapen and very scraped up. But, when you take your boat out of the water, often times you have to carry it along way before you can store it. How convenient would it be if you could just store your boats right at the dock? Log Kayak Rack now makes a dock mounted kayak rack that can be placed right on your dock and house your kayaks, canoes and SUPs right by the water. Using this storage rack will prevent damage to your boat (which can save you money over time) and will also save your back!

8 Place Small Boat Rack

Eight Plave Boat RackCamp season across the country is back! Have you recently pulled out the kayaks, canoes and paddle boards at your camp and found them to be in poor condition? Chances are that when you were closing your small boats up for storage at the end of last season, they weren’t stored properly. If you are ready to change the way that you store the small boats at your camp, our team at Log Kayak Rack has you covered. We offer a durable and sturdy 8 place small boat rack that can keep your small boats protected when they are not in use.

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