Kayak and Canoe Boat Storage

Kayak and Canoe Boat StorageIf you’ve ever tried to find a suitable boat storage system that would keep your kayaks and canoes secure, last for years, and look like it belongs on your property, you know that it can feel nearly impossible. No matter how functional, metal racks, home-made wooden racks, and standard, simple boat racks just aren’t the most attractive boat storage options. Instead of investing in a boat storage system that you don’t want, why not enjoy boat racks that can add to your home or business’ aesthetic and blend into woody surroundings. Log Kayak Rack’s kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board, and surf board boat racks have been enjoyed by countless customers, who all understand the value of a durable, convenient, and good-looking boat rack.

TV-Ready Hand-Crafted Wooden Boat Racks

Our custom wooden boat racks have been enjoyed from every boater across the board, from casual boaters to habitual creatures of the water to boating business owners. Over the years, our wooden boat racks have earned a reputation for being perfect racks for anyone looking for a smart boat storage solution. That includes restoration expert Jay Chaikin and his “Restoration Wild” team. The Animal Planet hit TV show features Chaikin’s restoration of forgotten spaces, turning them into functional, better-than-new buildings with new-found purpose. When Chaikin gets his hands on a property, he creates a space that looks like it belongs in its surrounding natural environment. That’s why he turned to Log Kayak Rack for authentic wooden outdoor boat racks, perfect for canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board, and surf board storage.

Authentically Natural Wooden Boat Racks for Small Boats and Boards

When Chaikin and his crew took on a project in Michigan to restore an old property in need of some major sprucing, they left behind a canoe adventure business with a distinctly outdoorsy atmosphere. By updating this old property, Chaikin’s team created a business that not only looked like it belonged in the outdoors, it looked like it was a part of it all along. That’s where Log Kayak Rack came in. Hand-crafted by Log Kayak Rack, the wooden boat racks Chaikin chose helped the “Restoration Wild” team accentuate the atmosphere of the canoe adventure business, and we can help you do the same. If you’re looking for a wooden boat rack that looks like it belongs next to your log cabin or among your yard’s pine trees, look no further than Log Kayak Rack.

‘The Most Attractive Option for Boat Storage’

If being used on a hit Animal Planet TV show isn’t enough to convince you that the wooden boat racks at Log Kayak Rack are the perfect solution for anyone in need of a boat storage solution, don’t take just Chaikin’s word for it. You can also look to Cabin Life magazine, which called our boat racks “the most attractive option for boat storage,” or any number of our satisfied customers’ online reviews. If you’re looking for a quality boat rack that will blend into the natural environment of your home or business, call Log Kayak Rack at 715-543-2006, or email sales@logkayakrack.com.